Three ways to deal with laziness from the inside out


It's about time to call laziness a curse. No it's not a result of poor genes, but poor culture. Yes it does stem from ignorance and denial. It's about time we call a spade a spade. A lazy person is as dangerous to the world as a stupid leader is to collective intelligence.

Laziness is a disease, an ailment of the mind and like all mental diseases its causes and consequences too can be undone. We give you simple pointers that will improve your willpower and get you off that couch.

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Start the long journey with small steps

''Breaking a task into several smaller tasks can solve the problem. Then, each one will not seem so difficult or intimidating. Instead of having one big task, you have a series of small tasks, which do not require as much effort.'' ~ Success Consciousness

Mt. Everest was not scaled on a day. But it was climbed nonetheless. And what did the climbers have in common? They all swore by taking one step at a time because every single step got them closer to the ultimate destination – to the highest point on land known to mankind.

In breaking down a journey into a series of steps, the mountaineers kept their goals real and heads high. Similarly, when you break down every task into smaller sub-tasks, you will be able to conquer Everest-ian laziness with more ease than otherwise.

Learn to rest in peace, while you still draw breath

We cannot know whether the dead rest in peace, or not. But we can clearly see that the living are anything but peaceful. We’ve forgotten what it means to be peaceful and why it's important. If you are a lazy person, you know that while you appear to be resting to others, your own mind is a field where confusion, chaos, ignorance, anger and self-loathing lay supreme.

Many people take to laziness because it offers this cocoon-like mental space to inhabit, where they believe they can lay unscathed from the realities of the world. But what really festers inside is fear, and in its most vile form. A lazy person can never live a life of peace.

Push yourself to overcome this fear, cause once you master it, you can live a life of peace.

Know that self-discipline is there to help you

''Solutions may involve removing distractions, but you may also need to find ways to boost your willpower.'' ~ Life Hacker

Self-discipline is the nemesis of laziness. Think of laziness as the dark lord Sauron (Lord Of The Rings) and self-discipline is the three-feet high Frodo Baggins. The dark lord, with his all-seeing eye can see everything while the little Frodo can barely see his next step. Yet, it's Frodo who triumphs in the end. How? Because he was never alone. He had many friends. Likewise, self-discipline may seem like a puny solution in front of an ever-daunting lazy attitude, but it's the surest cure because it has assistance. Friends like motivation, reason, purpose, cause and self-awareness are friends of true self-discipline; friends that are always by its side. In short, never doubt the wonders of self-discipline - in terms of sleeping hours, waking hours, working hours - it can be a true aid when you are fighting laziness.

Know, find and kill your distractions

''Let’s face it, most of us are easily distracted. If we hear colleagues chatting, we get curious and join in the conversation. Twenty minutes wasted there. We pop in to check our personal e-mails, another few minutes, then the messenger system, and then updating social networking sites, etc, etc. It just gets worse.'' ~ Work It Daily

We are born into a world of distractions, and needless to say, it takes a lifetime to cut through all the distractions in order to make a positive change. If you don’t chop through the wild growth, you'll never be able to walk through the dense forest.

Identify every distraction that keeps you away from achieving your goal. It's all about being honest to yourself. For example, if you know that one hour of social networking is okay but 10 hours a day is not, you know that spending all that time on social media platforms is the real distraction rather than the platform itself. Such small realizations too are important.

Start with acknowledging that you are lazy, acceptance is the first step to curing any problem. Start with the will to change, to overcome that which keeps you cursed.


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