Say these 5 things everyday to keep your employees happy!

Say these 5 things everyday to keep your employees happy!

Thursday September 14, 2017,

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You don't have to lavish gifts on your employees or give them hefty bonuses to keep them happy. While those things obviously work, you can keep your employees content without spending a dime. When you foster a culture of openness, you cultivate a happy and engaged workforce. One of the simplest ways to ensure that your employees are a satisfied lot is to make sure managers and bosses use certain words and phrases while talking to their subordinates.

Touching base with your workers shows them that you're truly present and that you take time out to connect with them on a personal level. Here are five things great bosses could say to their employees every day:

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

"How are you?"

Reach out to your employees and show them that you care. This simple question puts employees at ease and proves to them that they are more than just a number in the company. As easy as this question is, a lot of bosses don't think of asking it. Remember, when you treat your team members as emotion-fueled humans, you gain their support in the long run.

"Let's give it a try"

Be the kind of boss who encourages his/her team mates to think innovatively and try new things. If you shoot down every idea that your team pitches to you, they will stop coming to you with new ideas gradually, and this will only spell disaster for the team. Instead, give the green light to employees and allow them to grow. After all, without risks, a company remains stagnant.

"Thank you"

Did you know that one of the main reasons several employees quit their jobs/companies is because they don't feel appreciated? Showing gratitude to your employees can lower absenteeism and turnover rates and increase productivity. Get in the habit of consistently passing positive praise in a sincere and timely fashion. However, make sure you say thank you when gratitude is due, or else your “thank you” will quickly lose its value.

"What do you think?"

Here's another powerful and important question that bosses should ask their employees on a daily basis. Seeking the opinions of your employees proves to them that they are not just robots who work on excel sheets and presentations all day. It shows them that you value their expertise, inputs and ideas. Good bosses understand that showing respect towards your seniors and giving honest feedback to them can go hand-in-hand.


Great bosses are easy to get along with. They laugh with their employees and not at them. They use clever humour to gain solidarity with their teams and diffuse tension when necessary. However, be sure not to misuse humour. Being sarcastic or laughing at someone's expense is not only discouraging, it is downright rude.

Smart bosses think before they speak and display a high level of emotional intelligence. They understand that they are only as good as their team, and take every action necessary to keep their employees happy.

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