With Intuit QuickBooks, entrepreneurs and startups can be more confident about their financial health

With Intuit QuickBooks, entrepreneurs and startups can be more confident about their financial health

Saturday September 16, 2017,

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Speak to any entrepreneur about what keeps him or her up at night, and sure enough, worries about accounting and compliance will top the list. Especially in businesses that are scaling up, founders need to take on several roles, and may find efficient financial management a challenge.

Across the globe, startups and small businesses that have been facing this conundrum have found respite in the form of an innovative cloud-based financial management solution. QuickBooks is the flagship product from Intuit, a leading global brand for business and financial software for small businesses. Founded in 1983, the $5.2 billion company has a global footprint across the US (where it is headquartered), the UK, Australia, France, Singapore, India, Brazil, Canada and Israel.

Putting the focus back on the business

Launched in India in 2012, QuickBooks Online is the world’s No.1 financial management software with over 2.3 million users in 192 countries. What makes QuickBooks popular among entrepreneurs and startups is the fact that it simplifies and streamlines their entire accounting and reconciliation process, making it easy for them to focus on growing their business and not worry about the nitty-gritties of managing finances.

Some fast facts about QuickBooks:

  • Startups that use QuickBooks get paid twice as fast as those who don’t.
  • 89 per cent of QuickBooks customers say they are more confident about their financial data.
  • The solution simplifies the process for even those with no prior accounting-related knowledge

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Here’s how QuickBooks keeps businesses on top of their game

QuickBooks facilitates faster payments through tools such as professional invoices, payments reminders, and auto-invoicing. Once this accounting worry is taken care of, entrepreneurs can devote their energies to the need of the hour: bringing more money into the business, growing their business, and staying financially sound.

With comprehensive dashboards that indicate exactly how a business is doing financially, entrepreneurs get a clear picture of how much money is owed to them or how much they themselves owe others. Actionable insights on performance and related reports help entrepreneurs plan expenses and budgets more efficiently, in turn making the business more profitable.

Simplify your accounting and finances

How it works

QuickBooks works as an open platform, and currently has more than 1,545 apps worldwide to help meet the unique needs of small businesses across the world. As many as 104 apps are available to Indian users.

And if you thought that it’s too complicated, you can access over 850 certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors who are registered on this platform in India. They can help guide entrepreneurs and startups on how to derive the most from the solution.

Since QuickBooks is a cloud-based solution, it offers immense flexibility to users, who can access the solution from any device, anywhere in the world. As a delighted customer puts it, “It’s like taking my accountant everywhere I go.”

Simplifying the post-GST world

A major attraction for Indian entrepreneurs is that Intuit QuickBooks has successfully rolled out GST-ready software in international markets. During the recent transition to the GST regime, Intuit QuickBooks helped small businesses ease their transition into the new tax regime by actively educating and alerting users on GST registration and other important updates. In fact, when the new GST regime came into effect on July 1 this year, QuickBooks users didn’t have to download any new software as it was already upgraded at no extra cost.

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