A healthy work environment ensures greater returns on profitability and revenue

A healthy work environment ensures greater returns on profitability and revenue

Thursday November 02, 2017,

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As more and more people are coerced into working long hours, it's only natural to expect to be treated well by superiors and to be respected by subordinates. Such an expectation is real and must be addressed by employers if they wish to cultivate a culture of loyalty and passion. Needless to say, exploring and enhancing employee experience is the need of the hour for modern-day businesses.

Here are a few ways by which you can give your employees a culture of comfort, care and attention and ensure their strong support and loyalty in return.

Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

The physical environment

When an employee joins a new company, the initial few weeks are like the honeymoon phase, and then the reality of a workplace, the stress, the politics, the challenges show up. Sometimes the employees may start feeling out of depth, or lonely if they have not been able to make friends, or if they don't feel settled given the lack of information they have about the business. In order to counter such emotions, employers should ensure a smoother onboarding process for the new recruit. This can be done by means of welcome emails, orientation, and give them a clean space and fully-functional system to use and work with.

The idea is not to push the new recruit towards work but to create a cozy environment that pulls them to do their best as soon as possible.

Talk to your employees

According to Inc, “The "employee" part of "employee experience" is important. You need their input. You don't make assumptions about what your customers want in your product or service, right? Then don't make assumptions about what your workforce wants or needs. Ask them what type of resources, technologies and spaces they believe are critical for success and then make sure they have them.”

Conversation will never go out of fashion. It will always be the most viable tools to solve conflicts and in fact avoid them altogether. An empathic employer always keeps an eye and ear out for his or her staff. They can sense if there’s something simmering beneath the surface and take measures to ensure the employee or team is able to deal with it accordingly.

Once employees consider you as a conscientious leader they will feel obliged to deliver quality work and perform as a team.

Be inclusive

As Elizabeth Dukes, EVP, CMO, iOFFICE puts it, “When you include employees in the decision-making process, it helps create a sense of ownership and makes them care more deeply about their contributions to the business. Just as your customers want to know their voices are being heard, your employees want to know their opinions matter, too.”

The key here is to keep things moving cohesively not only among your staff but between you and them. When you consult your team on crucial decisions, you display a sense of camaraderie, trust and give them a sense of accomplishment.

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