[Quiz] Are you adventurous? Or do you like to play it safe?

9th Nov 2017
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You have a bucket list that includes…

  1. Visiting a country other than your hometown
  2. Your bucket list is a continuous work-in-progress
  3. All the adventure sports you can handle
  4. Bucket lists are such a waste of time! You like to go with the flow

Your annual bonus is quite an impressive amount! You decide to…

  1. Tuck it into your sock drawer for a rainy day
  2. Make some calls to find out the safest possible investment
  3. Invest in any real estate! It should pay off someday – right?
  4. Why save money when you can splurge on yourself?

You are in charge of planning your best friend’s birthday party… You want...

  1. An intimate house party with only your closest friends
  2. A classy evening out at the poshest restaurant you can afford
  3. You can’t really plan a party! They just happen
  4. Vegas it is! What’s a little travelling when it comes to having fun?

Your opinion on horror movies is…

  1. Not my cup of tea! How about a nice rom-com instead?
  2. You don’t mind them - if you’re with a gang of friends and in a well-lit room!
  3. How can anyone NOT love a horror movie?
  4. Why watch a movie when you can get out there and live life?

A flying saucer lands in front of you.

  1. You run as far as your legs can carry you
  2. You stick around to see if they are friendly
  3. You negotiate a peace treaty
  4. Make me your leader

If you got mostly As - you are the control freak

If there is there any way to minimise risk - you’ll be the one to find it! You are sensible, calm and collected at all times and you are always thinking ahead. While that is great when it comes to making big decisions, you may find certain opportunities pass you by because of your inability to be spontaneous. Maybe letting loose once in awhile won’t hurt?

If you got mostly Bs - you are the diligent planner

Balanced and informed - that’s how all your decisions are. You do take certain risks, but only after careful consideration of all the pros and cons of the matter. Your ability to think things through make you more susceptible to success. So, although your decision-making process may take time, it always pays off.

If you got mostly Cs - you are the occasional thrill-seeker

What’s life without a bit of adventure? You adore having a challenge and are always willing to try new things. You understand that to gain success, you need to open yourself to uncertainty and you are always spontaneous with your decisions. However, while you enjoy the adventurous life, it is not something you crave every day.

If you got mostly Ds - you are the daredevil

Life is one big adventure! Plans, decision-making and schedules are not for you. You are an absolute adrenaline junkie, always keen on having the most bizarre experiences and are known for your bold decisions. You love betting big and it does pay off - most of the time. But being impulsive may not always be a good thing.


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