‘Biryani is the new pizza’ – 40 quotes from Indian startup journeys

‘Biryani is the new pizza’ – 40 quotes from Indian startup journeys

Monday September 10, 2018,

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From fin-tech to food delivery, witness the memorable journey of Indian entrepreneurship in these excerpts and stories! StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous post here). Share these 40 gems and insights from the week of September 3-9 with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

Let your success do the talking. - Pratish Nair, PKSBE

Be frugal in your spend. Be lavish in your homework. – Nandini Vaidyanathan, 'Start Up, Stand Up'

The only thing you can control in any situation is your reaction. - Rahul Khanna, Sly Granny

Explore your passion, but also look for meaning. – Rohit Varma, Nature inFocus

Though there is a lot of joy in sports, there is a high chance of failure too. Irrespective of the results, you need to improve your game. - Samrat Reddy, Drunken Monkey

Earlier there was the spirit to win, but now there is a hunger to win. - Ashwini Nachappa, Arjun Award winner

Plan ahead. Visualize the ways in which your business can fail, be clear about your plans to overcome the hurdles, and have the wherewithal, both mental and financial, to see through the challenges. - Jaimin Shah, DEV IT

No founder can start a company without a definite story. It is always there when you are starting your company or thinking about your product-market-fix, your first funding, or what kind of employees you need. - Shernaz Daver, Google Ventures

The task of the teacher is not just to provide information but to make students think. - Sachin Gulati, TruMath

Children deserve much more than what restricted child protection systems have on offer. - Puja Marwaha, Child Rights and You (CRY)

Privacy of human beings constitutes the cardinal rule of our constitution. - Chief Justice Dipak Misra

If you are a woman connected to the venture capital world, then this is the time and opportunity for you to do your bit and make things better for a new generation of women entrepreneurs. - Madhurima Agarwal, NetApp

In the kitchen, we are all equals. - Chef Anahita Dhondy

If the life of one girl changes through education, she changes three families – one, her own, second the in which she gets married into, and third the one she builds. - Vinod Gupta, Hillary Rodham Clinton Nursing School

Voice is the next frontier because not everyone knows how to type. - Sreeraman Thiagarajan, Agrahyah Technologies

Go digital or shut shop. - Sandeep Phogat, Panaesha Capital

AI can predict the likelihood of absenteeism thereby help us be better prepared and responsive. - Nagaraju KB, BigBasket

Robotic Process Automation adds the most value to organizations which have manual, high-volume, repetitive, rule-based processes involving structured and unstructured data, like transactions processing. - Virender Jeet, Newgen Software

Today, machine intelligence, AI application and innovation have evolved to allow humans to focus on tasks or decisions that require application of thought and judgement. - Ashwin Mittal, Course5

Outsourcing has led companies to understand and identify digital transformation to be the next phase of growth crucial for their success. - Anupam Kulkarni, iauro Systems

Technology is asking humans to rethink their roles in organisations. - Vasanthi Srinivasan, IIM Bangalore

While organizations are mostly built around processes and systems, great organizations are built around people. - Tanveer Saulat, Synechron

Clinical execution of a well-thought-out strategy is important for any risk management programme. - Anil Prem D’Souza, Simpliance Technologies

Doctors are always reskilling, they are the only ones who are continuously learning and yet there is no platform that can aggregate learning from them. - Bhaskar Rajkumar, Mediknit

Medical applications are one of the quickest developing markets in the versatile mobile application market. - Vipul Jain, Advancells

Access to therapeutic notes allows a client to have a visual representation of the progress they have made while in therapy and is of immense value to other mental health professionals. - Vihan Sanyal, Mind Factory

Qualitative podcasts for the sophisticated Indian mind are set to transform the way we create and consume content. - Gautam Raj Anand, Hubhopper

As the average consumer develops tastes that are a blend of the local and the global, the Indian landscape presents a range of emerging possibilities for entertainment service providers. - Dinesh Singh, Navrasa Duende

Commodities markets are extremely volatile, with prices fluctuating on an ongoing basis. Technology allows these platforms to provide real-time pricing information depending on market demand and supply. - Preeti Vasudevan, StoreKey

Large consumer internet unicorns are now becoming acquirers. They are acquiring newer categories, technologies and making acquisitions within the ecosystem. - Sreedhar Prasad, KPMG India

In India, valuations currently are quite moderate, which presents a good opportunity for private investors to get in. - Jeffrey Yam, Integrated Capital

Emotionally intelligent people rarely allow failure to spell the end. Instead, they approach it with a contemplative acceptance and move ahead. - Marcus Ranney

Generally, in the past, we Indians were not open to accepting failure. That's changing, but far too slowly. - Rishikesha Krishnan, IIM Indore

Urbanisation is the driver of economic growth, but if we grind it to a halt because of mobility, it’s a problem. - Eric Allison, Uber Air

Utilization of biomass for power generation is the need of the hour as it solves two major challenges facing the country – power deficit and waste management. - Aditya Handa, Abellon CleanEnergy

Much as we care about delighting our partners and our users, we must also care about the impact we have on our planet. - Deepinder Goyal, Zomato

Organically grown folk paddy is certainly more cost effective and ecologically sustainable. - Mushtaq Ali, Dakshin Dinajpur

Agri-tech is a story of resilience and innovation. It is about leveraging technology and building solutions to indigenous problems through sheer persistence. - Vani Kola, Kalaari Capital

Indian tastes vary by region and every 100 kilometers we have new tastes and cultures. - Kris Iyer, Walmart India

Biryani is the new pizza. - Vishal Jindal, Sky Gate Hospitality

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