Go organic and chemical-free with these beauty brands

Organic is the way forward as beauty care goes back to old remedies, and these entrepreneurs and their companies are offering natural products that have many takers.

Gone are the days when grandma’s beauty tips of mehendi, milk, coconut water, honey, besan and sandalwood were the go-to for flawless skin or hair. Branded products and instant results turned the tide. And those tried and tested beauty regimes of the past were forgotten. Yet, many are going back to those time-worn tips, and today “organic” has become a buzzword. People are becoming increasingly aware of not only what they eat, but also what they use on their body. 

A report published by Market Research Future (MRFR) revealed that the global natural and organic cosmetics market is predicted to touch $25,100 million by 2023.

The Internet informs and educates people about the various chemicals in beauty products, and the long-term effects. This rising consciousness has increased the demand for natural and eco-friendly products. Unlike chemical products, organic beauty products address deeper issues, offering antioxidants, pigmentation inhibition and antimicrobial activity. For beauty entrepreneurs, this has created a niche market that is set to grow exponentially. 

Wild Earth

Mumbai-based Wild Earth was founded in 2016 by Shabia Walia. It offers natural beauty products free from sulphates and parabens. Unhappy with the expensive products online, Shabia started making her own body scrub, which was a hit among family and friends. She then went on to launch her company, which today has 17 categories of products for hair and skin care, ranging from Rs 199 to Rs 850. Her homegrown brand recorded an annual turnover of Rs 1.23 crore in 2017-2018.

About her products, Shabia says, “We kept adding to the range, one product at a time. Today, we have more than 15 categories of soaps, scrubs, lip balms, sulphate-free shampoos, shower gels, face mists and gift sets.”

All Wild Earth products are handmade and eco-friendly. They contain natural ingredients like herbs, essential oils, plant derivatives, sandalwood, turmeric, tulsi, honey and milk. They are sold on the company website, and through online stores like Nykaa, Amazon and Myntra. A part of the revenue goes towards supporting the underprivileged through Shabia’s social initiative “The Bluebells Community.”

Cosmeto Food Organic

Mumbai-based Cosmeto Food Organic Pvt Ltd was founded in 2016 by Himanshu Chadha. Its skin products are plant-derived, and made with natural ingredients, which are cultivated free of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilisers, GMO, etc. They often come with an organic certification too. The company offers a wide range of products categorised by skin type - face masks, cleansers, scrubs and other body care products on its website. 

Himanshu Chadha, founder of Cosmeto Food says, “Our products are based on years of expertise. These offerings bring immense beautifying and healing effects for (glowing) skin without side effects.”

The company operates pan-India, offering products on its website, and on ecommerce platforms like Nykaa and Amazon. It also exports to around 35 countries. In June 2019, Cosmeto raised Rs 1 crore in funding from Risers Accelerator which valued the company at Rs 20 crore. 

Founders, Skin Yoga

Skin Yoga 

Sisters Radhika Choudhary, Jagriti Choudhary and Deepika Choudhary launched their company in 2013 in Ahmedabad. SkinYoga offers natural products for the face, hair, body and feet. The three sisters, raised on a farm, realised the importance of an organic lifestyle when they shifted overseas for higher studies. It also inspired them to start their company.

In the first two years, the company saw a 20 percent growth. In 2016, Skin Yoga went on to win the CosmoProf Las Vegas 2016 Trend Setter Award. The products are now sold in 29 countries through their website, and through Nykaa and Amazon. Initially, they focused on skin care, until they launched their first hair care product in 2018. In an interview with womenfitness.org, the team revealed that their aim is to make every vanity bag chemical-free, and to empower women through their natural products.

Founder, SeaSoul


The Gurugram-based SeaSoul was founded in 2012. Engineer and make-up artist Manisha Chopra was inspired by the therapeutic properties of unique salts, mud and minerals of the Dead Sea. She started a range of skincare products - makeup, body wax, face care, body care, hair care, candles, and even tools being used in 2,500 salons in India, Australia and Dubai. 

Face masks, polishes, creams, cleansing and toning lotions, bath salts, healing candles, kits and hair treatment serums made from sea salt, mud and minerals, all the products are free of harmful chemicals. The products are available on their website and their flagship store at Pacific Mall in New Delhi. According to the Economic Times, the company’s authorised capital stands at Rs 10.0 lakh, and it has 100.0 percent paid-up capital with a 25 percent growth rate. It is now looking to increase its presence through retail stores. 

Founders, Juicy Chemistry

Juicy Chemistry 

In 2014, husband-wife duo, Megha and Pritesh Asher launched Juicy Chemistry. This Coimbatore-based company uses pure and nutrient rich ingredients to create effective skin care products that are sold on their website. Their products are also available on Nykaa and Amazon. The couple replaced mineral-based oil with nutrient-rich butters and carrier oils, synthetic fragrances with organic and certified essential oils, artificial colours with natural clays, fresh fruits and vegetables, plastic exfoliants with organic AHA rich sugars.

Talking about the inspiration behind the company, the couple says, “We started looking for pure and natural products, but it was all in vain. As we shared our thoughts with family and friends, it became clear that there was either very little awareness about chemicals present in skincare products, and the adverse effects, or there was no natural alternative available for consumers to switch to. Either way, there was an obvious gap in the market.”

With an initial investment of Rs 5,000, Juicy Chemistry has over the years increased the product range, and now offers various categories - Face care, body care, hair care, aromatherapy, kids collection, gifts, combos and accessories which the company also offers on the website.

Since its inception, it has catered to more than 10,000 customers in over 25 states in India, and reached 20 countries globally.  In 2018, the company organised its first pop-up in Chennai. It is now looking forward to participating in Vivaness 2019, an exhibition that only showcases brands that are 100 percent natural.


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