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How Happay is leveraging AWS services to help customers manage their expenses conveniently


Happay was founded in 2012 with the idea to simplify payments and business expense management. They help businesses out with digital payments, linking those payments with a spend management platform that would help the business track their expenses effectively and gain insights on what payment trends are like.

In the fintech space, there are three primary areas they want to focus on: regulation and compliance, safety/security of data, and availability. "When we moved from catering to the needs of SMEs towards enterprises, our vision was to basically help these enterprises manage 100 percent of all expenses on one platform, where they could digitise their entire spend management process, consolidate the data, and reap a lot of actionable insights from the data," says Ruchi Karmalkar, Head - Marketing, Happay.

They wanted a proven established cloud solution and realised early on that the hosted model would not work for them. "We started the typical journey of startups where AWS offers credits, implementing some of the services and gradually moving our entire stack onto AWS,” says Jiny Thattil, VP Engineering, Happay.

They didn’t require any external documentation as the required support was available online within the AWS community. Happay now caters to 5,500+ customers across a diverse set of industry segments. By partnering with AWS, they have been able to evolve their products and increase their customer scale.

Watch how AWS solutions enabled Happay to increase the speed and accuracy of their solutions and help their customers conveniently manage their expenses.

Happay is fast growing and has already been recognised amongst the Top 3 Expense Management platforms in Asia. #Winability

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