[Funding alert] Health and wellness startup ThriveFNC raises seed round

Founded in 2017, Pune-based health and wellness startup ThriveFNC focusses on reversing chronic lifestyle disorders through functional nutrition.

[Funding alert] Health and wellness startup ThriveFNC raises seed round

Friday July 17, 2020,

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ThriveFNC, a Pune-based startup focussed on reversing lifestyle disorders, on Friday announced that it has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Rajesh Ranavat, Executive Director at Fung Strategic Investments

Speaking on the funding, Rajesh said, 

“Thrive is in a great position to become a key player in the healthtech space in India. At a time when every country in the world is struggling to find ways to unlock the economy and the large population of the world has resigned to a horde of lifestyle disorders, the importance of addressing pre-existing and chronic lifestyle disorders was never felt so strongly before.” 

“In such a scenario, Thrive’s scientifically backed, unique approach and exponentially growing healthcare market is extremely exciting to me” added Rajesh.  

Mugdha Pradhan, Founder, ThriveFNC

Mugdha Pradhan, Founder, ThriveFNC

Founded in 2017 by Mugdha Pradhan, ThriveFNC claims that it uses an innovative approach to reversing and curing chronic illnesses with a combination of science backed functional nutrition guidelines along with harnessing ancient wisdom from traditional medical systems. 

While talking to YourStory, Mugdha shared, 

“At ThriveFNC, we understand that each person is unique and we look for the root cause of their disease with blood tests, close tracking of the symptoms and real-time interventions in their nutrition plan. Our vision is to heal one million people in such a way that they do it with joy and ease and their healing inspires healing of the planet as a whole.” 

With this funding, Mugdha aims to focus on increasing market reach and growth. 

With the power of functional nutrition, ThriveFNC said it has been able to help people reverse illnesses, lose weight, and lead a happy life within three months. The expert nutritionists create personalised nutrition plans for the patients, set them on a path to reverse various lifestyle disorders and sustain a healthy lifestyle

“I am a big believer of the fact that the character of a person or organization is best tested during periods of crisis. Under the current depressed environment and the associated uncertainty, Mugdha and her team have demonstrated their strong belief and commitment to the business by taking major salary cuts and at the same time increased their efforts in supporting the business with the same level of enthusiasm," Rajesh stated.

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta