Unlocking the ‘New Next’ with Shradha Sharma

Unlocking the ‘New Next’ with Shradha Sharma

Wednesday September 16, 2020,

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Across India, businesses have been forced to transform their operations due to the challenges created by COVID-19. As businesses adopt remote working, many are examining how technology can help them stay productive and competitive in the ‘New Next’.

To shed light on how SMBs are adapting, Sudipto Shekhar Ghosh, Microsoft India’s Director of Device Marketing, connected with Shradha Sharma, CEO and Founder of YourStory Media, to discuss how India has adapted to remote working, her learnings as an entrepreneur tiding through uncertain times and the future that lies ahead for India’s businesses.

While some approaches were business-as-usual, Shradha noted two major shifts: Firstly, India has adapted to remote working far more efficiently than many had imagined. Secondly, the government’s Digital India program has taken the lead in shaping the New Next, allowing businesses to stay connected and competitive.

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“Digital India has become a reality. Nobody can deny that the challenges are huge, and everybody is facing uncertainty. But despite all this, we’ve been talking about digital. Now it has come to forefront and I think there is no going back. This efficiency, this connectivity to technology is here to stay.”

When asked about what the New Next means to her, Shradha replied,

“The ‘New Next’ is figuring out the constant next and not settling at any given point.”

As businesses recalibrate for the future, having the right technology to allow team members to think, work, and innovate in a productive environment will become increasingly important. This means having a ‘device refresh’ policy to equip people with modern PCs that enable secure remote collaboration. It is also crucial that leaders shift their mindset to build a culture of communication and collaboration. As Shradha notes, being comfortable and accepting that “you don't have to have all the answers” is key. These are uncertain times and enabling your employees to easily connect and contribute will ensure your business’ continued success.

To unlock this potential, businesses will need to equip their distributed workforce with modern PCs designed for remote working, and leverage collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams to improve productivity and drive stronger engagement with team members.

Discover how modern PCs and Microsoft Teams can help your business unlock the New Next.