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Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020

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Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 to put the spotlight on innovations and dialogues to address challenges in the post-pandemic world

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 to put the spotlight on innovations and dialogues to address challenges in the post-pandemic world

Thursday October 01, 2020 , 6 min Read

An innovation hub for Information Technology (IT) and BioTechnology (BT), Bengaluru’s monikers as India’s Silicon Valley and India’s R&D Capital are well-deserved. The state’s favourable regulatory environment and focus on attracting investments brought multinational companies, home-grown businesses and startups to the city in droves. They set up innovation and R&D centres here which played a key role in furthering the Karnataka growth story, as well as innovation in the IT and BT space. And, through Bengaluru Tech Summit (BTS), the state has worked towards championing innovation, bridging the gaps in the technology and innovation ecosystem, and providing a platform to foster collaboration.

One of the oldest and most definitive events in the ICT, Electronics and Biotechnology sector, the Bengaluru Tech Summit has become the go-to event for leading tech companies, startups, technocrats, young innovators, policymakers, investors, researchers and academia.

Celebrating its 23rd edition this year, Bengaluru Tech Summit is all set to go virtual with the theme ‘Next is Now’ from November 19 to November 21, 2020. The signature multi-track event has a line-up of conference, exhibitions, innovation showcases, global innovation alliances, workshops, product launches, quizzes, awards and poster exhibits. This year, the focus is on innovations and perspectives to address the challenges and opportunities in the post-pandemic world.

Bengaluru Tech Summit 2020 key highlights

Conference: A confluence of global knowledge

The best minds from across the globe from diverse domains will share incisive insights on issues and aspects which will impact lives and businesses in the post-pandemic era. The unique feature of BTS Conference is that it opens up discussions to encourage disruptive technologies across four parallel tracks - IT, BT, Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) and startups. This year, the conference will see over 250 speakers sharing their insights, ideas and perspectives, and will pave the way for impactful dialogues on technological trends and future readiness.

Exhibition: An avenue for showcasing innovation and creating fruitful collaborations

BTS Exhibition enables companies to showcase technologies, solutions, products, services and innovations to gain business exposure. With BTS going virtual, this year the exhibition will facilitate networking through virtual booths, video calls, live chats and B2B meetings. While these will simulate the experience of physical events, they will also come with a longer life span. The exhibition has focused pavilions for various industry verticals, including IT, Biotech, Startups & MSMEs, R&D (Lab to Market), Global Innovation Alliance (Country Partners), India Innovation Alliance (States Partners), Govt. of Karnataka (various departments), Universities, Banks & VCs and Consumer Electronics & Luxury Brands. The exhibition is an exciting place if you are from the IT, Electronics and Biotechnology space as you get to connect with various brands, large corporates, associations & startups.

If you are a startup or enterprise, the BTS exhibition is a fabulous opportunity to launch and showcase your offerings, build partnerships and boost your business. Know more here.

Global Innovation Alliance Zone (GIA)

The Karnataka government's Department of Electronics, IT, BT and S&T has established the Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) with leading technology and innovation hubs across the world. At BTS, GIA partners curate sessions on IT, Biotech, Healthcare at Bengaluru Tech Summit which showcase disruptive technologies and strengths of their respective countries. The GIA exhibition zone provides a unique and interactive showcase of the latest innovations from the top startup hubs from across the globe.

The Indian Innovation Alliance (IIA) zone

Yet another initiative from the Karnataka government's Department of Electronics, IT, BT and S&T, the Indian Innovation Alliance (IIA) aims to enhance the competitiveness of leading Indian states, industries and institutions through joint development, technology transfer and joint ventures. The alliance aims to bridge gaps, improve the overall technology and innovation ecosystem connects, and attract business opportunities from other countries and regions. The Indian Innovation Alliance (IIA) will showcase the progressive and industry-friendly policies and the latest innovations from the Centers of Excellence (CoEs), startups, etc and enable them to get better recognition nationally and globally.


This year a key highlight of BTS is the networking opportunity for BioTech partners across the globe . For the first time, the three-day India Bio@BTS is introducing an advanced meeting scheduler platform developed by Inova Software. The platform allows attendees to search invited companies, accept invitations and conduct meetings virtually. Inova Software has worked on leading Biotech shows across the globe and this is their first time at India's largest biotech event.

Lab to Market

Over one million scientists in over 265 national research laboratories across India are conducting cutting-edge research and developing revolutionary innovations. Much of this research has impressive potential to create commercially valuable products and services. Lab to Market is a first-of-its-kind platform to tap this potential and to encourage investments for their growth. At BTS, Lab to Market will enable premier research institutes of India to exhibit, present and conduct one-on-one meetings with industry representatives, startups and investors, and accelerate the lab-to-market journey of their innovations.


The summit recognises industry players and partners for their contribution to further innovation in the IT and BT space through various awards. This includes STPI IT Export Awards for IT companies, SmartBio Awards for biotechnology organisations in the areas of BioPharma, BioIndustry, BioAgri, BioServices, MedTech and Bengaluru Impact Awards, to recognise and reward startups, entrepreneurs and investors from Karnataka building innovative products and solutions in IT, Biotech, Med Tech, with high potential of employment generation or wealth creation and demonstrating measurable social impact.

Quiz Competitions

Yet another BTS hallmark is the Rural IT Quiz conducted in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). Since the last two decades, the programme has helped enhance IT awareness amongst students at the grassroots level. The Rural IT Quiz is open to students from standards 8 -12 across India.

Another BTS quiz competition, BioQuiz aims to create awareness about Biotechnology among students and showcase Karnataka’s talent in this field. Earlier this quiz was only open to B.Sc, B.Sc-Agri, B.E-Biotechnology & B.Pharma students from Karnataka. But his year, in keeping with the spirit of the new Education Policy, the BioQuiz 2020 has expanded its scope to enable students from grade 12 onwards to participate, irrespective of their specialisation! The finals of the BioQuiz and Rural IT Quiz will be streamed live during the BTS.

Bio Poster - Walkway of discovery

Popular among young researchers, Bio Poster - Walkway of Discovery will showcase innovative ideas, outstanding research and ground-breaking studies that have the potential to make a significant impact in the field of Life Sciences and Biotechnology. It showcases research from across Biopharma, Agri Biotech, Medtech and BioServices. The special focus this year is on ideas to combat the pandemic by way of vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, treatment, immunity and post infection care.

BTS 2020 will see some of the world’s best minds and leaders sharing insights on issues and aspects which will be instrumental in shaping our lives & businesses in the days to come. The unveiling of new products and showcasing for cutting-edge ideas and technology, makes BTS a not-to-be-missed event.

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