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Future of Work: How HPE Ezmeral can enable digital transformations and modernise applications with ease

Future of Work: How HPE Ezmeral can enable digital transformations and modernise applications with ease

Saturday March 06, 2021 , 3 min Read

Building and running applications on containers is quickly becoming the mainstay for businesses, given their ability to reduce costs, increase productivity and bring greater stability to applications, among a host of other benefits.

“When you are talking about a world filled with apps and Cloud-enabled, container technology is the right kind to invest in, and customers are moving towards that,” says Ranganath Sadasiva, CTO, Hybrid IT at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) during a masterclass “Fuelling digital transformation with HPE Ezmeral”, on Day 1 of the Future of Work 2021 Summit.

Ranganath began the session by saying that the ubiquity of applications in today’s world; the increasing trend of containerising applications; the exponential growth of data and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to harness insights from it; and cloud technology were the four key macro trends that are shaping digital transformation.

In such a scenario, he said that maintaining, running and securing increasingly complex applications becomes the biggest challenge. He added that while containerising applications comes with benefits, migrating your applications to container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes, handling multiple clusters at scale, and having a uniform fabric of data to productively run your analytical workloads become the main challenges.

To that end, Ranganath said HPE Ezmeral can mitigate these challenges, “Right from the transition (of applications) to modern Kubernetes, to modernising applications or managing your hybrid cloud environments.”

Enabling a data-driven transformation

He went on to explain that Ezmeral enables a data-driven transformation of the application, which allows organisations to run, manage, and control their data platforms, irrespective of where the application is run and the type of application that it is. Ezmeral also allows organisations to control their data environment, and brings ease of regulatory compliance. “We all understand that security is important in today’s digitally transformed world, and enabling security, right from the periphery to the core is possible through the Ezmeral platform,” he adds.

Ranganath added that the Ezmeral container platform is at the core of its operations. It is Open Source Kubernetes, which allows for all kinds of operational, management, and security activities. This allows for any kind of data from all kinds of platforms to be integrated onto the platform through HP Ezmeral Data Fabric.

Harnessing the power of AI/ML and workload solutions to enhance productivity

”If you want to ensure you run your AI/ML models with a quicker turnaround time, Ezmeral ML Ops comes into play… It has got a host of features that allow you to use it like DevOps world in AI/ML space.” The entire framework brings together 1,500 compliance parameters that can be used for quicker deployment.

According to Ranganath, Ezmeral is a platform to manage all cloud-native and non-native applications, secure data and use it for container and non-container environments. In the future, they aim to add greater workload-optimised solutions, all of which can easily be integrated from Ezmeral’s built-in store to significantly improve the productivity of applications.

The session was then handed over to Saurabh Godbole, Head Enterprise Business at Unique Solution, who carried out a demonstration of the Ezmeral platform. He showcased many of its features including creating, spinning up and spinning down, and managing multiple Kubernetes clusters on various platforms, and those which were stored on-premise or on the Cloud with the Ezemeral interface.

A big shout out to our Future of Work 2021 Co-presenting Sponsors Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Unique Solutions; Digital Excellence Partner, Google Cloud; Associate Sponsor HP and Intel; and Sponsors: Atlassian, Freight Tiger, Archon I Cohesity, TeamViewer, and Pocket Aces.