Trading ‘smartly’ with SmartAPI and Smart Store

Trading ‘smartly’ with SmartAPI and Smart Store

Monday September 20, 2021,

5 min Read

To get your job done smoothly is a priority rather than a choice. Keeping this in mind, Angel One has launched SmartAPI as part of its mission to merge advanced technology solutions into the fintech industry.

SmartAPI is the latest, open API platform of Angel One which can be opted by anyone to build fintech solutions and make them all set for trading. SmartAPI is accessible for all, whether clients, startups, or partners so that they can directly integrate their strategies, websites, apps, and various platforms with Angel One’s trading systems.

Why SmartAPI?

Briefly, SmartAPI provides instant and quick access to reliable live market feeds and historical data for various scripts for usage in multiple languages like HTML, NodeJs, etc.

SmartAPI has successfully implemented a complete ecosystem of functionalities needed to set up an algorithmic trading use case with much ease and perfection. Other than being developer-friendly, SmartAPI is particularly designed to make algorithmic trading accessible to everyone. Therefore, SmartAPI makes you go algo whether you are a pro at coding or simply an explorer in the field.

Let’s take a glance at the host of possibilities from SmartAPI:

  • Creation of trading algorithms within a familiar computing environment
  • Streaming historical data, back-testing your algorithms before taking them live
  • Executing trade orders based on your market strategies 24x7
  • Streaming real-time market data while executing trades
  • Creation and maintaining your users' portfolios
  • Building feature-rich trading platforms
  • A reliable support team to approve your platforms and help in the process

SmartAPI & India’s startup scenario

India’s startup scene is booming with endless propositions. Despite being catered with the most updated financial technologies, the implementation sometimes becomes difficult, thus ruining the entire process of thoughts and ideas. Also, startups have an issue dealing with the conservative cash flow systems that would burn a hole in their pockets.

So, what’s the solution? Here, Angel One’s SmartAPI comes into the picture to help startups acquire the desired success. Startups trying to make it big in the fintech game can always think of starting a new-age trading platform where they can make proper use of Angel One’s trade execution engine and leverage its wide and loyal clientele base to kick-start the venture. Besides, it’s completely free and comes with a robust and reliable infrastructure with an easy read and easy-to-understand documentation across all the languages it is available in. The documentation comes in handy with the reusable units of code that clearly explain how elements and objects in the library interact with each other.

SmartAPI is available in seven languages, listing names like Python, Java, NodeJS, R, and Go. So, irrespective of whether you are looking to develop a desktop application, web application, or a reusable plugin for another company, SmartAPI works best in fast-tracking your development timelines by multiples.

Angel One is moving a step forward in the right direction for encouraging fintech startups and fintech apps. Here, we need to mention Smart Store, where they can get their app listed and gain access to the large customer base of Angel One.

Smart Store for fintech apps

Smart Store by Angel One is a marketplace meant for rule-based fintech apps in its simplest sense. The platform serves as a one-stop shop for consumers to discover the latest offerings in the fintech domain, webinars, and a blog section dedicated to encouraging conversations, and discussions around automated trading or rule-based trading.

Smart Store is loaded with benefits that include:

  • Coding your strategy without programming
  • Serving as the execution bridge for amibroker, Ninja, etc
  • Algo Market Place Strategies
  • Thematic auto rebalance investments
  • Learning algo strategies and staying updated with the blogs and webinars
  • Being a part of Smart Community to discuss algo strategies and platforms

Smart Store is like the technological advancement for the Indian fintech domain that they have been denied for long. It keeps the ball rolling, and helps them get their desired place in these crucial ways.

  • Reach- Smart Store is a marketplace in India catering to the needs of the fintech customers, comfortably, along with the advantage of Angel One’s 48-lakh-plus strong customer base –thus, largely helping the product to make it to the next level of evolution.
  • Outreach- Smart Store works as the open channel for interaction between customers and developers, where they can discuss the focal points based on the blogs, and webinars by fintech companies on the Smart Store. For getting along well, Smart Store acts as the perfect ice breaker.
  • Trust- Smart Store is establishing new standards by performing rigorous testing, thus, making sure that the applications listed on the marketplace perform exactly as they claim to.
  • Education- Smart Store has been formed in a way that makes it easier for a customer to progress along a learning journey, further easing down the process of building familiarity with audiences of varying degrees of openness to technology.

To conclude, all the factors mentioned above make Smart Store an appealing entry point for opting for a high-impact and high-growth trajectory for fintech. All you need is to get your app listed on the Smart Store, and that lessens half the effort.

On the other hand, startups can consider opting for SmartAPI if they pursue the dream of a smart trading platform for a new-age digital India. Besides, API is not just another basic tool of digital trading but a solution-based platform where the team members are always on their toes to solve the unique, emerging, and ever-challenging problems faced by your developers.

So, opt for the best trading solutions, develop your prototype, and have a successful base for your startup venture.