Flipkart launches Supply Chain Operations Academy to impart skill training

The Flipkart programme aims to certify over 4,000 individuals in the first year by offering 15 days of online training and 45 days of on-the-job training at its supply chain facilities.

Flipkart, India’s leading ecommerce marketplace, has announced the launch of Supply Chain Operations Academy (SCOA) where it will impart relevant industry training and knowledge to help create a pool of skilled supply chain operations talent in the country.

Designed and created by the Flipkart team, SCOA will provide a holistic experience and training to candidates, which will involve 15 days of digital classroom training and 45 days of on-the-job apprenticeship at its supply chain facilities.

According to Flipkart, the programme has been designed to impart knowledge on various facets of the ecommerce supply chain, the roles within the supply chain, soft skills, safety, and compliance know-how. This will enable the youth in the country to make a career in the supply chain industry.

The students will be imparted skills through Flipkart’s Learning Management System, an online platform for learning programmes, where students can learn a diverse set of skills through courses developed by leading industry experts.

For the first phase of the programme that begins on October 22, Flipkart has onboarded students from Haryana, Bihar, Delhi, Jharkhand, Punjab, Rajasthan, and West Bengal, who will undergo training followed by on-the-job training as well. During the programme, shortlisted students will get an opportunity to work, along with full-time supply chain employees at facilities across the country.

On the launch of the programme, Hemant Badri, Senior-Vice-President and Head of Supply Chain at Flipkart, said, “Flipkart, as a homegrown ecommerce marketplace, is at the forefront of developing the necessary skill sets in candidates to enhance their employability and complement the nation’s growth. Having created one of the most tech-enabled modern supply chains in the country, there is an urgent need to bridge the skill gaps in the industry and Flipkart aims to solve this challenge through the Supply Chain Operations Academy.”

As per a recent BCG and Dell Foundation study, the gig economy has the estimated potential to service up to 90 million jobs in India’s non-farm sector, and contribute an incremental 1.25 percent to the country’s GDP over the long term. This would require large-scale skilling and upskilling initiatives, particularly in the ecommerce logistics space, to build a pipeline of talented individuals skilled in various aspects of supply chain management.

Edited by Kanishk Singh