Anand Jain of CleverTap shares how to engage with consumers in an over-marketed world

Anand Jain of CleverTap shares how to engage with consumers in an over-marketed world

Friday November 19, 2021,

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The Soonicorn Spotlight is a brand-new video series by YourStory in collaboration with PayU, one of India's leading payments solution providers. It was created to help startup leaders with first-hand growth insights from some of the finest minds at the helm of the fastest-growing startups in the ecosystem.

In its premiere episode, Anand Jain, Co-founder & Product Head at CleverTap, talks about consumer engagement in an over-marketed world. As one of the most pressing issues for marketers today, engagement at scale underscores the entire growth journey of scale-up.

In an insight-packed conversation with Yourstory, he discussed how brands can leverage tech to boost engagement and improve customer experiences.

Anand opines that startups who are in a rapid scale-up mode need to be extremely data-oriented. He recommends working towards building good, granular, high-fidelity data and automated segmentation to get started. "Recency, frequency, and monetary value (RFM) is a popular and practical way to segment users. Then, depending upon the segment you want to work with, you can run automation initiatives that include crafting user journeys, sending nudges or interventions, or even providing hyper-personalized experiences”, he says.

“Being data-forward will reward you forever”, adds Anand.

Drawing from CleverTap’s position as the number one customer retention platform trusted by more than 10,000 global brands. Anand shares further first-hand insights and practical perspectives on how to engage with consumers in an over-marketed world. Catch all these insights and more at the premiere episode of The Soonicorn Spotlight, brought to you by PayU. For more relevant content on powering your growth or scaling journeys, do visit the specially curated content Scale-up India page, here.

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