IIT Delhi's e-scooter 'Hope' runs at just 20 paisa/km

IIT Delhi's electric scooter 'Hope' runs at just 20 paisa/km and needs no driving license or registration

Tuesday November 23, 2021,

2 min Read

Amid the rising fuel prices across India, we tried riding Hope, an e-scooter that runs at the cost of 20 paise per km. It's both affordable and comfortable!

Hope is a paddle assisted vehicle and you can also run it like a normal scooter with the accelerator. It comes with a forward and reverse mode and LED digital display. The battery of the vehicle is detachable and swappable. The most amazing thing is that the scooter can be fully charged through a normal socket in just four hours. With the portable lithium-ion battery pack you can charge it at your convenience, or take the charger with you at your home, office or even at a restaurant.

The scooter will have two battery options with a range of 50 km and 75 km in ideal conditions. The running cost of this electric scooter is around 20 paisa/km. The speed of the vehicle is limited to 25 kmph, hence it comes under the exemption category, which means one does not require a driving license or registration to drive this vehicle.

The electric scooter also is equipped with a pedal system that a rider can use to commute if the battery dies out. The vehicle is integrated with the battery management system, data monitoring system and pedal-assist unit developed in-house. It is IOT-enabled for data analytics and fleet management applications. All the data coming from the vehicle goes to the cloud and enables features like anti-theft, GPS and one can track the data with their mobile or web application. These state-of-the-art features place HOPE in the category of smart and connected vehicles of the future.

For the personal commute market, Geliose Mobility plans to open pre-booking of other variants soon. Currently, Hope comes in two variants, one priced at Rs 50,000 and the other at Rs 55,000 depending on the range, capacity and distance. 

Edited by Saheli Sen Gupta