‘Data is soil, it's fertile, it's an ecosystem’ – 30 quotes of the week on digital transformation

From data to decisions, these quotes from the week of January 3-9 capture tech impacts sweeping across the world.

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It always is about being able to simplify things. That is what technology can do. - Ankit Bhati, Amnic

Software is becoming a critical part of the value chain. It doesn't matter whether you're an airline or a candy company. Software is now how value is measured in a lot of companies. - Craig Dickson, Google Cloud

This generation has got the front row seat to the biggest technology revolution of our lifetime. -  Puneet Chandok, AWS

With a one-stop solution, there is no dropping off the funnel. - Nishant Radia, Vidooly

As per a recent study, the most successful business founders in America were more likely to be middle-aged than fresh college graduates, even in the technology sector. - Ankit Kedia, Capital A

Sustainability is not just an altruistic option or a charitable supplement to a company's social outreach programmes, but one of the key elements to building resilience and ensuring mission success. - Akanksha Sharma, STL

Health insurance is the only (insurance) product where there is repeated need at different points in life for service — or creating customer delight. - Ruchir Kanakia, OneAssure

Today, among MSMEs, 72 percent of transactions are done through digital payments against 28 percent of cash transactions – which shows that the transformation is happening rapidly. - Dinesh Agarwal, IndiaMart

Similar to payments, credit too experiences dropouts and the problem of distribution and analytics. - Vimal Kumar, Juspay

Cross border ecommerce is a very large market with significant tailwinds. - Kitty Agarwal, Info Edge Ventures

Smart assistants could become one’s true ‘wellness’ companion to help individuals keep up with their habits and maintain healthy lifestyle – be it Mindfulness, Exercise, Diet, and Sleep (MEDS). - Muralidhar Somisetty, Wellnesys

The biggest challenge of health insurance industry is that it takes a one-size-fits-all approach and this does not work as the needs of each individual is different. - Jayan Mathews, Vital

Not only is [technology] making healthcare available to more people, but it is also making it affordable for everyone. Technology is also fuelling the engine of research and innovation in the sector. - Anurag Khosla, Aetna India

Genome sequencing is now at the heart of discovering drugs, ascertaining their efficacy and finding more about sickness than ever. - Vibhore Sharma, Redstart Labs

Architecture is a key component of tech. - Surender Gounder, TangoEye

You match your best tech talent with a great user experience, supported by a very strong architecture. And then magic happens. - Dahnesh Dilkhush, Microsoft Azure

Platforms need structured business architecture, but they must allow for emergent behaviour. - Sangeet Paul Choudary, 'Platform Scale'

Legacy digital media platforms are ripe for disruption by introducing interactivity. - Justin Shriram Keeling, Lumikai Fund

OTT platforms offer go-to viewing which allows millennials to consume content as per their schedules and preferences. - Mohit Kaushal, YouForrte

The digital world is undergoing a fundamental shift from static 2D content to a life-size virtual 3D world which is dynamic and super imposable onto our shared physical reality. - Sravanth Aluru, Avataar

The Metaverse is already here, just not evenly distributed. - Shailesh Lakhani, Sequoia India

2022 will see the worlds of creator and celebrity further blend. - Varun Duggirala, The Glitch

Enterprises want to unify their customer journeys to deliver connected experiences across touchpoints like web chat, co-browsing, video, etc. - Shivakumar Ganesan, Exotel

Technology-driven recruitment incorporates assessment tools that remove the inherent bias in recruiting. These systems make the selection process more efficient for all stakeholders. - Madhav Krishna, Vahan Inc.

The number one benefit of using chatbots is the efficiency with which they respond. They’re available 24x7 and can provide instantaneous answers to most questions. - Baskar Agneeswaran, Vajro

Cost optimisation, faster time to market, and a huge improvement in developer productivity are the biggest advantages of cloud computing. It actually helps us in breaking down the infrastructure cost, at least by two thirds. - Amit Dixit, Zolo

Sellers need to sell on a platform where the catalogue management headache is not there. - Santhosh Palavesh, Big Box

Your data analytics tool needs to be your best friend. A truly effective omnichannel strategy should constantly evolve based on the data gathered across channels via different campaigns for different audiences. - Punit Gupta, EasyEcom

Data is crude. You need to know the art and skill to refine it and create multiple variants for it to be usable. - Nitin Mittal, Zee

Data underwriting along with the technology will be the next game changer. - Pankaj Bansal, BankBazaar

Data is soil, it's fertile, it's an ecosystem where you can make interesting applications. - Vimal Venkatram, Snowflake

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