Meta Platforms' WhatsApp launches 'Safety in India' resource hub

Meta Platforms-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp has launched a safety resource hub to help people stay 'safe, smart and secure' online.

Meta Platforms' WhatsApp launches 'Safety in India' resource hub

Tuesday February 22, 2022,

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WhatsApp launched a 'Safety in India' resource hub on Tuesday, February 22, 2022. The resource hub will be highlighting safety measures and processes on WhatsApp, thus, helping its users stay "safe, smart and secure - online."

Abhijit Bose, Head of India, WhatsApp, said in a release, "Safety of our users is at the core of everything we do at WhatsApp and launching a dedicated ‘Safety in India’ resource hub is a way of reiterating our commitment to educating and empowering users to take control of their online safety.”


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This launch comes right after the Meta (formerly Facebook) Platforms-owned instant messaging platform's campaign #TakeCharge which promoted the safe use of the internet.

The 'Safety in India' resource hub explains topics around online safety, privacy, and security. Additionally, it debunks common myths, creates awareness on how users can safeguard themselves from potential cyber scams in the digitally-connected world.

WhatsApp says it is on a mission to build awareness about the platform's in-built product features and other safety measures. Through the resource hub, the platform plans to highlight technologies that it deploys, along with the India-specific processes, that help prevent the spread of misinformation and any form of abuse on the platform.

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