Jeff Bezos gives Elon Musk a 'great idea'

Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos retweeted Elon Musk's Twitter poll on whether the social media giant should turn their headquarters into a homeless shelter.

Jeff Bezos gives Elon Musk a 'great idea'

Monday April 11, 2022,

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The two richest people on the planet have been debating aid for the homeless population in America on Twitter.

When Elon Musk created a poll on Twitter asking if their headquarters should be turned into a giant homeless shelter, Jeff Bezos responded with a link to an article about how Amazon built an eight-floor homeless shelter near their Seattle offices.

Bezos' idea was to turn a portion of the Twitter headquarters into a shelter as Amazon did, providing easy access for employees that want to volunteer their time. Musk responded by saying that he thought it was a "great idea".

Musk was recently revealed to have purchased 9.2 percent of Twitter, and has been polling his followers on Twitter on various user-facing topics such as whether Twitter should have an edit button, whether Twitter Blue users should have more privileges, and whether Twitter should drop the 'w' from their name.

Musk now $100 billion richer than Bezos

In other news, Elon Musk has stretched his lead over Bezos in the stakes to be the richest man in the world. Bezos, who held the title as recently as November 2021, is now $100 billion poorer than the Tesla and SpaceX chief executive.

According to the most recent Forbes list, Musk is worth $282 billion, while Bezos is only worth $183.6 billion. At the start of the pandemic, Musk's net worth was only $26.6 billion. His fortune grew a record $110 billion over the course of 2020.

Musk has eclipsed some of the other richest men in the world including LVMH CEO Bernard Arnault ($167.4 billion), and Microsoft founders Bill Gates ($134.2 billion) and Steve Ballmer ($97 billion).

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