‘Innovation is always going to be ahead of governance’ – 20 quotes of the week on digital transformation

From growth to governance, these quotes from the week of April 4-10 capture tech impacts sweeping across the world!

‘Innovation is always going to be ahead of governance’ – 20 quotes of the week on digital transformation

Wednesday April 13, 2022,

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Launched in 2014, StoryBites is a weekly feature from YourStory, featuring notable quotable quotes in our articles of this past week (see the previous edition here). This special series of quotes focus on the increasing impact of digital media around the world. Share these 20 gems and insights with your colleagues and networks, and check back to the original articles for more insights.

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Blockchain is a great tool because everything is traceable. It will be much easier for creators to see whether their asset is used – one or 100 times in one game, or across several other projects. - Bridge Craven, Arterra Labs

Diversity and inclusion should be key foundations of any Metaverse application. - Hina Dixit, SamsungNext

The metaverse has the potential to make learning more experiential, more vivid, and therefore more impactful. - Shankar Maruwada, EkStep Foundation

Platforms also love content creators. If you’re putting yourself out there or taking the time to create content for the platform, the platform will give you the love back. - Sakshi Shivdasani

Oftentimes, people don’t consider the tone or emotion conveyed in what they’re writing. - Sharmin Ali, Instoried

Infusion of AI is critical as it empowers employees to be autonomous. They will have the ability to take better and faster decisions, resolve some problems at their own level, and collaborate with colleagues in a faster, more efficient manner. - Hussain Zaidi, Kyndryl

The [data centre] market is now crowded especially after COVID-19. - Pallav Agarwal, HTS Solution

Because of tech, you can completely reimagine the entire value chain of FMCG. - Ahana Gautam, Open Secret

Digital assistants are changing the way we work; so getting comfortable with the fact that these assistants will be pervasive in the workforce and will change the way we work, is going to be super important. - Arun Viswanathan, Atlassian

With the unprecedented economic, social, and business disruptions due to the pandemic, we witnessed SMBs adopting technology for integrating business operations for completely seamless operations. - Arun Nayyar, NeoGrowth


Pharma marketers navigate significant complexity across point-of-care systems and health information systems. - Ashish Venkataramani, Eight Roads Ventures

The future of healthcare and medicine is where patients will expect the doctor to come to them, and they may go into a hospital only for surgeries. - Debraj Shome, MediAngels

Wealth-tech is a much larger space and we believe that users can be better served through an ecosystem-based approach. - Pravin Jadhav, Raise Financial Services

People need to be able to multitask, share and integrate their business needs while being able to talk with colleagues and clients. - Abhishek Kankani, Dyte

We are in the early stages of a generational shift in how work gets done in the modern enterprise. - Sahil Aggarwal, Rattle


I don't think a lot of people think about recycling or bringing used devices back so that the life cycle can be extended. - Mandeep Manocha, Cashify

The world is hyper-connected, customers have multiple choices. We must establish innovative and cost-effective ways to acquire and retain customers for accelerated growth in this competitive environment. - Vikas Prasad, Kyndryl

Innovation is always going to be ahead of governance. Everybody knows that. It's basically a matter of one catching up. - Vivek Gupta, CoinDCX

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