Five leading start-ups who overcame early-stage business bottlenecks

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Five leading start-ups who overcame early-stage business bottlenecks

Monday July 04, 2022,

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Dear founders, have you said one of these statements in the recent past ?

"We have launched our app/website. But, users haven't started coming in yet".

"Users are coming in. But are not engaging with the product yet. Neither are they converting.

You are not alone. Every startup goes through engagement , conversion and retention challenges in early stages .While it is natural for every founder to worry about this, the focus should be on solving these early.

Thanks to all the start-ups that overcame these problems before us, there are now simple, straightforward, easy-to-implement solutions for these bottlenecks. With the help of no-code tools available in the market, this gets even more easier.

This article will talk about bottlenecks a few successful start-ups faced in their early stage and solutions implemented. Read on to understand these strategies, which might come in handy for your start-up as well.

1. MPL (Mobile Premier League), the popular gaming app, worked with Netcore Cloud to improve user engagement in their app. They solved this by running multiple on the fly experiments and nudging users contextually across the entire customer journey.

Some of the problems MPL faced in their early stages were

  • Low user retention on the app. New users were leaving them fast. D1 and D7 retention were dwindling.
  • Users were not playing new games, leading to lower adoption and engagement.

MPL implemented numerous personalized nudges and A/B tests across their app, like:

  • A/B tested with the home screen layout and joining bonus offered to new users.
  • Highlighted new games for different user segments based on their likelihood to play. They used nudges like spotlight, tooltips and a beacon to drive users' attention to these games.


  • These A/B tests and contextual nudges paid off and had a positive impact on D1 retention, new feature adoption & overall app stickiness.
  • They ran almost 853 A/B tests, 315 nudges across the entire year and all of this was done on the fly without disturbing any developer using Netcore cloud’s no-code product experience platform.

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2. Mapan is an Indonesian community based financial technology company that empowers a network of hundreds of thousands of low to middle income families through better access to products and services by leveraging technology

Some of the challenges that Mapan faced:

  • Low feature adoption
  • Low referral acquisition

Mapan implemented the below strategies to overcome this issue

  • Mapan segmented users with no code, to personalize campaigns
  • They triggered personalized nudges to specific user segments to help them discover new features.


  • Mapan witnessed 21% uplift in feature adoption using no code nudges
  • Mapan improved campaign success rates by personalizing campaign content to each segment

3. Chumbak - the leading home decor and lifestyle brand, wanted to improve customer engagement as they scaled their website.

They solved their product discovery and conversion challenges and increased conversion by 13%

Some of the specific problems they faced were :

  • They had a wide range of catalogs which made product discovery a challenge for the users.
  • These users, who couldn't engage better with the website, dropped off without purchasing, leading to a low conversion rate.

Chumbak's product /marketing team used Netcore's plugins to implement personalization as a strategy to solve these issues.

  • Chumbak implemented personalized product recommendations based on user behavior across the entire website right from the home page to product listing page to the product display page. They also created a personalized page for every individual user
  • They implemented personalized exit intent pop -ups across all pages of website to capture customer’s attention before he/she drops off
  • Further, they also implemented AI-powered personalization of the entire listing page to prioritize products each user is most likely to purchase even as they browse the website.

The above solutions that Chumbak implemented contributed to improvement in some of the key metrics:

  • 15% contribution to total revenue
  • 13% contribution to total purchases
  • 18% contribution to the total products added to the cart
  • 18% increase in click-through rates on PLP

4. Myntra - worked with Netcore to improve inbox deliverability and click-through rates on their emails. They implemented a few simple solutions to get 60% better open rates.

They improved email deliverability and click-through rate 2x from the average industry standard by using Netcore Cloud's tools.

Some of the challenges Myntra faced were:

  • Dwindling customer engagement/response to the communications
  • Issues with scaling up email campaigns
  • and Emails landing up in spam

To battle these issues, Myntra implemented the following solutions

  • Improved delivery with dedicated servers from Netcore
  • Personalized emails to much deeper and granular user segments with Netcore Cloud's segmentation engine
  • Improved CTR using Netcore Cloud's email marketing involving AI predictions and algorithms that optimized emails sent many times

These solutions contributed to improvement in the following metrics:

  • 60% Improvement in open rates
  • 94% Overall inbox deliverability rates
  • 2X more than industry standards

5. THE BODY SHOP - UK-based beauty and skincare brand, improved conversions by analyzing user behavior on the website. They understood the challenges users faced and solved them to reach a 13.2 % increase in revenue.

UK-based beauty and skincare brand The Body Shop deployed Netcore's AI engine Raman and AI-led personalized widgets to improve conversion rates.

Some challenges faced:

  • Low conversion on website
  • Challenge of relevant product discovery for website visitors.


  • They powered Netcore's personalized product recommendations widget on their homepage, product display page, and on the exit intent pop-ups
  • Netcore’s personalization powered homepage improved conversion rate and the same was measured by A/B testing


These simple personalization techniques implemented alone contributed to whopping,

  • 13% increase in engagement
  • 7.5 % decrease in bounce rate
  • 13.2 % increase in revenue

Are you also battling Engagement, Retention & Conversion challenges?

If you are a B2C start-up with an app or an ecommerce website, the above challenges might resonate with you, particularly in areas like user onboarding, retention, and engagement.

Netcore Cloud's no-code tools make it easy for you to segment users and personalize the experience on the app, website, and different communication channels.

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