‘Every company today is a content company’ – 20 quotes of the week on digital transformation

From content to commerce, these quotes from the week of May 23-29 capture tech impacts sweeping across the world!

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PropTech is transforming the Real Estate & Construction industry and our lives faster than ever before. - Nirupa Shankar, Brigade REAP

Short-term financing requires a different rigour to understand the customers. - Sachin Gaikwad, Buildd

Ecommerce photography is a fragmented industry. - Sanjay Kumar, Spyne

There is a need for affordable and easy-to-use equipment for quality AI, detection of body heat and early detection of mastitis/ health management. - Kaustubh Rastogi and Sravya Kolanupaka, Social Alpha

For hospitals without a proper infrastructure and with data mining at a rapid pace, cloud solutions work best. - Girish Koppar, Wockhardt Hospital

A technology-driven tracking mechanism is the key to truly deliver and measure the outcomes of enhanced livelihood for every household under the National Rural Livelihood Mission fold. - Vaishali Samanta, Veddis Foundation

Technology is one of the biggest enablers of social innovation for addressing these disparate challenges from the grassroot level upward. - Amit Kalra, Swiss Re

There needs to be an education mechanism to skill MSMEs in technology adoption. - Ramaseshan Ramachandran, BHI Capital Advisors

Ecomm players must disclose as to how they choose the “most relevant reviews” for display in a fair and transparent manner. - Rohit Kumar Singh, DoCA

By taking the transactions and payments online, businesses increase their financial transparency and provide comprehensive cash flow insights to potential investors or creditors. - Meghna Suryakumar, Crediwatch

Be ready to play a long game. Selling to financial institutions takes much longer than in other industries. - Igor Zacharjasz, Visa CEE

Maps are critical for any location-centric enterprise, but existing solutions today are built for a singular use case, resulting in enterprises having to use a single map for their mission-critical business functions. - Ashish Dave, Mirae Asset Venture Investments

The US is undoubtedly the largest market for solutions with Earth Observation (EO) data at its core. - Prateep Basu, SatSure

Founders cannot think in terms of cities anymore; we are a global village. - Paweł Sieczkiewicz, Telemedi

Greater use of technology accentuates the concerns related to cyber security. - Reserve Bank of India

The pace of software development demands a robust and scalable testing infrastructure for organisations. - Maneesh Sharma, LambdaTest

We haven't heard much about SaaS performance marketing agencies that are exquisitely trained to deal with this fast-paced growth of SaaS startups. - Shiyam Sunder, TripleDart digital

Today, everything happens very quickly compared to before, so if you want to grab a chance, you have to act super quickly. - Marcin Beme, Audioteka

You need to make a product that can solve a problem, be adopted easily and have a wider impact, and technology is an aide to that. - Asha Poulose, GE Healthcare

The capability to build products is not enough, its adoption is equally important. - Issac Mathew, Lowe’s India

Gravity is how well you attract your consumers and producers of the platform. Flow is about how well the platform creates value. - Bansilal Haudakari, PayPal

Every company today is a content company. Every business is heavily investing in content marketing. - Anirudh Singla, Pepper

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Edited by Anju Narayanan