Coal India assessing use of drones to monitor mines

PSU Coal India has piloted the use of drones previously in its mines but is looking to scale usage by hiring private contractors.

Coal India assessing use of drones to monitor mines

Friday August 19, 2022,

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The Central Mine Planning and Design Institute (CMPDI) is currently assessing the viability of the wider use of drone technology for mine surveillance on behalf of Coal India (CIL) and its subsidiaries. If the PSU decides to move forward with the technology, it will most likely hire private startup contractors for the job.

As reported by The Times of India, drones will be used for data collection, which would help detect underground fires and water logging in the mines. Additionally, drone surveillance can be used for mine planning, and also for removal of the overburdened rock or soil layer covering the ores to be mined.

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Speaking to TOI, Sanjay Kumar Dubey, general manager of public relations, said, "The Union ministry of coal has entrusted CMPDI with the responsibility of making the assessment, data collection and analysis from all the subsidiaries of CIL for a wider rollout of drone technology. Drone technology will render the coal mining process safe and relatively easy."

Additionally, a CMPDI official also clarified that while the organisation has purchased two drones for the pilots conducted over the preceding few years, if the assessment is positive, it will reach out to private drone firms to conduct the work.

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