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Side hustles you can explore to make some extra money

Side hustles are becoming increasingly popular in the country as they allow people to explore their interests, try out new things, and make some extra money. We have picked out some of the most popular side hustles in India.

Side hustles you can explore to make some extra money

Sunday August 28, 2022 , 4 min Read

What do you usually do after work? Come back home and watch Netflix or go out with friends? We all have 24 hours a day and how we utilise them is entirely up to us. Many people are taking up side hustles to explore their passion outside work or earn some extra cash.

Side hustles are becoming increasingly popular in the country as they allow a person to do multiple things and expand their horizon. If you are selectively social, then you can look at writing your thoughts and sharing them with the world while being anonymous. If you thrive in chaos, you can opt to be a disc jockey and be the talk of the town. If you love fitness, then you can spread your love for it by being an instructor. Or if you like comforting others, perhaps you can try counselling. The options for side hustles are many. The best part about it is you choose how often or how much of it you want to do.

Here are our top picks from the most popular side hustles in India.

Renting out unused spaces

Do you have an extra room in your apartment? Do you own a garage that is dumped with junk items or has some unused space? The good news is you can rent out these spaces. There are many companies such as Airbnb,, and Nestaway where you can list your space. You can do up the interiors and list your space on these sites or even give it out for commercial purposes. Real estate has a huge demand in India and renting out spaces can guarantee you a monthly flow of additional income.

Social media

The internet is a great place for networking while earning some cash. If you know the ways of the world of social media, you can help small businesses and individuals stay on top of their social media game. You could consider becoming a social media manager for businesses or manage the social media profiles of influencers or brands. This may take some skills and a lot of discipline but, with some consistency, you can start earning some good money. There are also chances of you getting recommended to other clients.

Writing or blogging

Even before side hustles became a thing in India, writing has been a good old craft. There are many eminent personalities who write columns in magazines and newspapers. Then there are people who opt for freelance writing. You can also write a blog that helps you make money. If you want to be famous, consider writing a book and selling it on Amazon, or become a ghostwriter and stay anonymous.

Stock market trading

This is a tricky one. You cannot jump into stock market trading without any knowledge. Do bear in mind that this skill comes at an expense. You need to invest some money in order to make some. If you like numbers and international affairs excite you, then consider trading. There is enough material on the internet to help you understand the stock market. There are also apps like Zerodha and UpStox that do the trading for you, with minimum or zero brokerage fees. So, if you want to make some serious money, then the stock market is the way to go.

Online tutoring

There are so many opportunities to coach or teach people of different ages. If you love spreading knowledge or sharing your skills, then consider becoming an online tutor. You can sign up on websites like or If you are an artist, you can also sell your designs on Behance or create a course on YouTube for the world to view and learn from.