Building design startup Snaptrude raises $6.6M from Accel, Foundamental VC, others

Snaptrude has built “Figma for the construction industry”, offering real-time collaboration and data insights on budget, compliance, and climate considerations.

Building design startup Snaptrude raises $6.6M from Accel, Foundamental VC, others

Wednesday January 04, 2023,

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New York-headquartered building design startup Snaptrude has raised $6.6 million in seed funding to launch its web-based collaborative building design platform. The round was led by Accel and Foundamental VC, with participation from Possible Ventures, Clark Valberg (Founder, Invision), RFC, CapitalX, Thilo Konzok (co-founder Home), and many other industry angels.

Altaf Ganihar, Founder and CEO of Snaptrude, said, 

“Snaptrude is on a mission to make building design more collaborative and solve problems that the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry currently experiences. In doing so, we want to become the ‘Figma’ for building design, immediately giving users the right data to make important decisions, such as the impact on climate, compliance, and on budget.”
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As per the official release, the product is live and enables real-time multi-user collaboration for designing buildings in 3D. It claims to generate real-time feedback on building cost, compliance, and climate studies, to help drive more informed design decisions. Using the platform, users can see the impact of small design changes as they go; extend the size of a room and instantly see the impact on the budget, local compliance or even climate impact. 

“At Snaptrude, we firmly believe that our approach of being a web-first and collaborative tool gives us the unique advantage to spearhead the file-less ecosystem for the construction industry's future. Snaptrude's big vision is to be the modern OS for the construction industry to drive a better, more efficient and sustainable built environment, faster,” added Alta.

Snaptrude claims to have over 6,000 users across 30+ countries and counts companies like WeWork as its customers.

According to Prashanth Prakash, Partner at Accel, the AEC industry is currently being held back by antiquated software systems and hasn’t undergone a modern cloud disruption. “This is where Snaptrude is changing the game–enabling true collaboration and access to real-world data in a huge, global market.”

“Online collaboration tools have emerged as a necessity for businesses and professionals in today's landscape, and 3D Design is no different. Snaptrude's forward-looking suite of collaboration design tools is serving this vital need, and in the process, revolutionising workflows in the AEC industry across the globe," stated Shubhankar Bhattacharya, General Partner at Foundamental VC.

Snaptrude was founded in 2017 by Altaf Ganihar and has previously raised $1.2 million in pre-seed by Accel and other industry angels.