YouTube Premium Boosts Value with Exciting New Features

Discover YouTube Premium's Latest Additions: Crisper Video, FaceTime Co-Watching, and Advanced Mobile Queue Management

YouTube Premium Boosts Value with Exciting New Features

Monday April 10, 2023,

2 min Read

YouTube Premium is introducing a variety of new features to enhance subscriber value and increase retention. The latest updates include improved video quality for web and iOS users, co-watching support via Apple's SharePlay on FaceTime, and refined queue management options on mobile devices.

A key upgrade is the higher bitrate for 1080p HD video quality, providing an exceptionally clear and sharp viewing experience. This is especially beneficial for content rich in detail and movement, such as sports events and gaming videos. This improvement will be released for Premium subscribers on iOS first, followed by web users.

In addition, YouTube Premium now integrates Apple's SharePlay, a co-watching feature for FaceTime users. However, YouTube will restrict access to this feature, making it exclusive to paying subscribers. This strategic move distinguishes YouTube Premium from rivals.

Furthermore, YouTube Premium subscribers will enjoy increased control over their video queues on smartphones and tablets. Users can now add videos to their queue during an active viewing session, an option unavailable to free users, who can only save videos to playlists.

These new offerings complement existing YouTube Premium benefits, such as background play, offline downloads, and access to YouTube Music Premium. The goal of these updates is to augment the overall subscriber experience and justify the subscription fee. By incorporating higher-quality videos, co-watching capabilities, and more robust queue management, YouTube seeks to appeal to a wider audience and retain existing subscribers.