OpenAI's ChatGPT Debuts on iOS: AI Revolution in Your Pocket

Embrace the future of AI with OpenAI's ChatGPT app, designed for seamless cross-device synchronisation and access to the latest model improvements

OpenAI's ChatGPT Debuts on iOS: AI Revolution in Your Pocket

Friday May 19, 2023,

2 min Read

OpenAI, the artificial intelligence research organisation, has taken a giant leap towards a future where AI is seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives. They've recently introduced their latest achievement, the official ChatGPT app for iOS, which is now available for users in the US, and will soon be rolling out to other countries.

This cutting-edge app, free of any ad disruptions, provides users with instant access to the power of the ChatGPT AI model. Beyond mere convenience, it offers an array of services from instant answers and personalised learning to creative inspiration and professional input. All of this in an easy-to-use, sleek package that weighs in at just 42.2 MB, requiring iOS 16.1 or later.

The real standout feature of this new app is its cross-device synchronisation of your history. Imagine beginning a query or task on one device, only to seamlessly continue it on another. That kind of fluidity is part of what makes ChatGPT on iOS a revolutionary tool for learning, creativity, and productivity.

Another distinct feature of the app is its regular updates, ensuring that users have access to the latest model improvements from OpenAI. This commitment to consistent development not only underlines the organisation’s dedication to AI excellence but also ensures that the app remains at the forefront of AI technology.

While the app is free to use, OpenAI also offers a premium service called ChatGPT Plus. Priced at $19.99, ChatGPT Plus provides enhanced features, allowing users to delve deeper into the vast possibilities of the ChatGPT model.

Whether you are a student looking for quick answers to complex questions, a writer seeking an inspirational push, a professional in need of expert input, or just an enthusiast with a thirst for learning, the ChatGPT for iOS offers a range of benefits. As AI continues to advance and reshape our world, tools like ChatGPT are paving the way towards a future where technology is not just an aid, but an intuitive partner in our daily life.

Stay tuned for its roll-out to other countries, and get ready to welcome an innovative tool that promises to redefine the way we interact with AI.

P.S. Android users, you're next! ChatGPT will be coming to your devices soon, said OpenAI