TidyUp aims to shape up the way people preserve their belongings

Lifestyle accessories brand TidyUp offers organisers and other storage solutions to preserve bags and shoes from damage. The Delhi-based brand aims to promote sustainable consumption by helping people increase the longevity of their personal belongings.

TidyUp aims to shape up the way people preserve their belongings

Friday June 16, 2023,

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Vani Talwar Khosla, a fashion enthusiast, indulged in luxury bags during her travels abroad. Over time, she realised that the leather bags developed unsightly wrinkles and lost their original shape. As she struggled to maintain her bags, it also dawned on her that she was not alone in this predicament—her friends and family too encountered similar issues.

The need of the hour was a sustainable solution that would help preserve personal belongings. So, Khosla joined hands with her friend Paridhi Sekhri and began looking for solutions that would protect things dear to them and prolong their lifespan.

As they scoured the market, they realised a huge gap in this particular area. This prompted Khosla and Sekhri to come up with their own solution, thus leading to the birth of Tidy Up in 2021.

TidyUp offers organisers and other storage solutions that help store bags and shoes carefully and protect them from moisture, mildew, and scratches. The Delhi-based brand also aims to promote sustainable consumption practices by helping people increase the longevity of their personal belongings, instead of buying more.

The founders initially invested Rs 2 lakh from their personal savings to bootstrap the company.

Sustainable solutions

The product line of TidyUp primarily comprises bag organisers (which act as a protective buffer between the bag’s interiors and its contents) and handbag protectors (transparent dust bags made from fabric, which serve as an additional layer of protection).

The organisers—which are placed inside the bags—are made from recycled eco felt, a sustainable material that is said to have a lower carbon footprint. They come with a variety of pockets to keep essentials safe and help maintain the shape of the bags and prevent sagging. They also protect the insides of the bag from scratches, scruffs, stains, dust, and damage.

Eco felt is said to be a heat-resistant material with a high melting point. It is durable and can withstand frequent use, abrasion, and moderate wear-and-tear while maintaining its structural integrity. It is also equipped with moisture-wicking properties, thus offering protection from liquid spills and stains, explains Khosla.

“The durability of eco felt helps extend the lifespan of products, thus minimising the necessity for frequent replacements,” she adds.

Tidyup also offers shapemates and shoemates—soft pillow shapers that provide structural support for bags and shoes and preserve their shape.

The shapers come with moisture absorbing silica packets, which protect the bags/shoes from mold, mildew, and bad odour. By maintaining a dry and controlled environment, the shapers contribute to the overall preservation of products and extend their lifespan. They can be used for three to five years, depending on the humidity and usage, explains Khosla.

Craftsmanship backed by technology

The founders have personally designed the entire range of products.

TidyUP uses a combination of traditional manufacturing techniques and technology-assisted processes such as computer-controlled cutting and engraving.

“Though technology plays a role in certain aspects of the production process, handmade craftsmanship is also often involved in the creation of our products. Skilled artisans work in conjunction with technology to ensure the highest quality and attention to detail,” says Sekhri, the co-founder of TidyUp.

The products are primarily manufactured in Delhi, Panipat and Jaipur.

“We outsource manufacturing to companies that have extensive expertise, experience, knowledge, and capabilities for specific products," says Khosla.

Business and growth

TidyUP is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) startup in the e-commerce space. Its products are available on its own website and Amazon, and it is in talks with Myntra and Nykaa.


The brand offers a ‘try before you buy’ service in Delhi NCR, wherein customers can try the products in the comfort of their homes before making a purchase. It plans to launch this service in other cities as well.

Initially, the brand started with 20 SKUs; currently, it has 220 SKUs across five categories, priced between Rs 450 and Rs 9,000.

TidyUp primarily targets women who are fashion enthusiasts, aged 20-55 years.

“We also look at conscious individuals who make sustainable lifestyle choices and appreciate the value of quality products and want to protect, preserve and organise their precious items," Khosla states. “We want to shape a future where beloved products are made to last.”

The brand is supported by celebrities such as Mira Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Pernia Qureshi, and Delnaz Irani.

So far, TidyUp has sold more than 7,500 units, at a customer retention rate of 45%. The brand generated a revenue of Rs 1 crore from July 2021 to December 2022. In January this year, it clocked a revenue of Rs 1.5 crore. It intends to grow 3X by the end of FY24.

Currently, TidyUp operates in a niche space; there are no Indian brands that are competitors to TidyUp, says Khosla. Ecommerce websites sell international brands for shoe and bag covers.

TidyUp plans to expand into babycare products (such as diaper bag organisers) and storage solutions for plates and glasses in the next couple of months. It is also looking to expand into the offline space through kiosks or stores in cities such as Delhi or Mumbai in the next two to three years.

(This story has been updated to correct some factual errors.)

Edited by Swetha Kannan