Adobe Photoshop's Generative Expand: Redefining Art with AI"

Learn about Generative Expand, Adobe Photoshop's latest AI tool, and its remarkable capabilities, from seamless image expansion to fostering global accessibility with over 100 languages support.

Adobe Photoshop's Generative Expand: Redefining Art with AI"

Friday July 28, 2023,

2 min Read

Adobe Photoshop continues to innovate in the digital imaging domain, launching its new AI-powered feature, Generative Expand. Currently available in Photoshop's beta version, the tool expands images by incorporating AI-generated content, offering solutions for aspect ratio adjustment, cropped subject correction, or general artwork improvement.


Users can readily enlarge their images with the Crop tool, extending the canvas area. Clicking the "Generate" button fills the expanded canvas with AI-generated content that matches the original image. Notably, Generative Expand can add content with or without text prompts. The generated content is added as a new layer in Photoshop, granting users the discretion to delete it if it doesn't meet their expectations.

Adobe has put measures in place to prevent the generation of toxic content. A filtering system automatically removes inappropriate content from the variations generated by the model. Further, Firefly, the generative image generator, pre-processes all images to identify any violations of Adobe's terms of service, preventing or blocking such content.

While this feature might seem similar to offerings from OpenAI's DALL-E 2, Midjourney, and Stability AI’s DreamStudio, Adobe's Generative Expand brings unique advantages to the Photoshop suite, enhancing its competitive edge in the market.

Broadening its appeal to global users, Adobe also announces Firefly support for over 100 languages, such as Arabic, Czech, Greek, and Thai. This development ensures a more inclusive user experience for those whose first language is not English.

Although Generative Expand is not yet commercially available, Adobe plans to roll it out for commercial use by the second half of the year. To use this feature, users should update their Photoshop application to the latest version, as it's only accessible on the newest beta version.

Adobe Photoshop's Generative Expand is a leap forward in AI-driven image manipulation tools, promising users increased flexibility and creativity. As we anticipate more AI-based features from Adobe, this tool sets a precedent for future advancements in digital design.