Alia Bhatt: New Investor and Ambassador for Eco-Friendly Baby Products SuperBottoms

New mother and famous actress, Alia Bhatt, teams up with SuperBottoms, steering a new wave of eco-friendly baby care in India's market.

Alia Bhatt: New Investor and Ambassador for Eco-Friendly Baby Products SuperBottoms

Friday July 21, 2023,

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SuperBottoms, the company for sustainable baby care, has teamed up with popular actress and new mom, Alia Bhatt. Bhatt is not just the face of the brand, but she's also investing in it. Her involvement is set to help parents in India think more about environmentally-friendly options.

SuperBottoms was started in 2015 by Pallavi Utagi. The company uses old ideas, like cloth diapers, and makes them practical for today's busy parents. The company's aim is to provide products that are good for babies' skin, high quality, and not harmful to the environment. They've gained the trust of more than 20 lakh parents with their varied products, including cloth diapers and diapering accessories.

Alia Bhatt, who recently became a mom, is known for caring about the environment. She feels an even stronger commitment now she's a mother. She quickly agreed to partner with Superbottoms because she shares their vision of making choices that are good for our kids and our planet.

Utagi, SuperBottoms' CEO, is very happy about this partnership. She believes Alia, who personally trusts the brand for her own baby, is the best possible ambassador for their company. Bhatt's involvement gives SuperBottoms more power to their #MakeClothMainstream movement, and they hope to change the baby care market in India and decrease the use of plastic disposables.

Although we don't know how much Bhatt is investing in SuperBottoms, her partnership brings a lot of positive attention to the brand. It offers a chance for the company to use her fame to shake up the industry and get more of a foothold in the market.

Bhatt's decision to invest in SuperBottoms is part of a trend of celebrities using their fame to support and invest in green companies. This partnership will likely inspire more parents to choose environmentally-friendly products.

In a world where we're trying to combat climate change and take care of the environment, this collaboration is a great example. It joins the worlds of parenting, sustainability, and thoughtful living, showing us how important our choices are. It sends a strong message that making thoughtful choices isn't just about giving our children a healthier planet, but also about creating a healthier lifestyle for us all.

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