World's First AI-Powered Petcare Chatbot Arrives in India: Wagr's Toto

Wagr launches Toto, an innovative AI-driven chatbot, aiming to revolutionize India's pet care landscape by providing 24/7 personalized advice to pet parents.

 World's First AI-Powered Petcare Chatbot Arrives in India: Wagr's Toto

Tuesday July 18, 2023,

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Amid the burgeoning need for precise pet care advice in India, evidenced by approximately 50 million monthly pet-related Google searches, the leading pet-tech retail startup, Wagr, presents Toto - the world's pioneering AI-driven pet care chatbot. Poised to redefine the pet care ecosystem in the country, Toto commits to providing AI-directed assistance 24/7, addressing the manifold needs of pet parents. Since its establishment, Toto has already aided over 3,000 pet owners, setting an audacious target of connecting with one million users within a year.

Leveraging advanced algorithms, GPT-4 vector embedding, and machine learning, Toto offers constant guidance. This AI companion harnesses individual pet information, health records, and the latest data on pet health, providing comprehensive, free advice spanning pet nutrition, behaviour, vaccinations, training, and overall care.

The data suggest pet owners mainly inquire about food, health, and grooming. Notably, cat parents are twice as likely to seek guidance than their dog counterparts. Toto, built to accommodate the communication needs of its user base, supports Hindi and finds two-thirds of its users in India's tier-1 cities.

The Wagr app, which hosts Toto, serves as a hub for all pet care requirements. Along with AI chatbot support, the app ensures prompt veterinary consultations, easy home delivery of pet care products, and access to intriguing content and digital pet health records. By inputting their pet's details and health history, users can receive advice and suggestions tailored to their unique needs.

According to co-founders Advaith Mohan and Siddharth Darbha, Toto transcends being a simple chatbot. "Toto is an all-encompassing tool offering personalised advice, instant vet assistance, and pet supplies. We believe each pet parent becomes more equipped with Toto by their side," they affirmed. The founders aspire to transform the Wagr app into a bespoke experience unparalleled globally.

Since its 2021 launch, Wagr has strived to be the quintessential pet care companion. Besides the innovative Toto, Wagr has launched India's first GPS and fitness tracker for dogs - the Wagr Tracker. The company facilitates easy access to veterinary professionals and home delivery of pet products. Supported by trusted investors like IvyCap Ventures and Inflection Point Ventures, Wagr is charting a course towards revolutionising India's pet care industry. The company operates through Android and iOS apps and its website at