Qualcomm, BMW and Mercedes Forge a Luxurious Tech Partnership

Qualcomm joins BMW & Mercedes, aiming to revolutionize the luxury vehicle space with unprecedented technological advancements

 Qualcomm, BMW and Mercedes Forge a Luxurious Tech Partnership

Tuesday September 05, 2023,

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In a groundbreaking move that signals a notable alteration in Qualcomm's expansion blueprint, the prominent semiconductor firm revealed its upcoming collaboration with high-end automobile producers BMW and Mercedes. Stepping beyond its established domain in the smartphone sphere—a market witnessing a downturn lately—the American chip-making powerhouse is gearing up to diversify its business avenues.

Venturing into the automotive realm is not a novice endeavor for Qualcomm. The firm has progressively cemented its stature in this domain, catalysing enhancements in car infotainment systems and novel driver-assist features. Even with a downturn in the smartphone chip sector, the firm marked a promising 13% surge in its automotive revenue recently, showcasing resilience and adaptability.

Qualcomm Forges Alliance with Renowned Car Manufacturers

Embarking on an assertive journey to establish a strong presence in the automotive industry, Qualcomm has plans underway to equip luxury car giants BMW and Mercedes with cutting-edge chips. These components are poised to redefine vehicular infotainment systems, ushering in an era of sophisticated voice control functionalities and amplifying the intrinsic driving pleasure.

To elaborate, BMW is planning to integrate Qualcomm's innovation to enhance voice control systems within their vehicles, promising an enriched user engagement and convenience. Furthermore, Qualcomm is on track to design chips for the forthcoming range of Mercedes E class models, anticipated to grace the US market in 2024.

Qualcomm Envisions a Prosperous Journey Ahead

During a conversation at the Munich auto expo, Qualcomm's Chief Executive, Cristiano Amon, elucidated an upbeat trajectory for the company. Amon foresees the automotive sphere morphing into a significant profit-generating sector for the firm, with anticipated revenues touching $4 billion by 2026, escalating to a whopping $9 billion as the decade concludes.

In the previous year, Qualcomm unveiled an ambitious $30 billion blueprint in the automotive sector, primarily propelled by its innovative Snapdragon Digital Chassis offering. This invention has garnered appreciation and adoption from numerous automobile manufacturers and vendors, contributing to the advancements in assisted and self-driving technologies, coupled with enrichments in in-car entertainment and cloud connectivity systems.

Stepping into Uncharted Territories with Vigor

As the semiconductor market undergoes a transformation, Qualcomm is eagerly scouting for fresh expansion prospects, pinpointing the automotive field as a crucial area of focus. "We are channelising our efforts intensely in the automotive sector, seeking virgin territories for growth," noted Amon, highlighting the firm's dedication towards innovation and broadening its horizons.

In the context of the imminent IPO of the UK-based chip designer Arm Holdings Ltd, currently a part of the SoftBank Group Corp, Amon maintained a balanced viewpoint. Without confirming participation in the IPO, Amon acknowledged Arm's pivotal role in the technological ecosystem, advocating for its independence and success in the forthcoming phase.

As Qualcomm stands poised to transform mobility with its state-of-the-art technological contributions, alliances with BMW and Mercedes mark the onset of a vibrant phase of novelty and opulence in the automotive sector.

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