Elon Musk's Biography Hits High Sales, Billionaire Reacts

Walter Isaacson's 'Elon Musk' biography sells 92,560 copies in its first week, becoming the author's second best-selling debut title

Elon Musk's Biography Hits High Sales, Billionaire Reacts

Monday September 25, 2023,

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In a stunning first week, Walter Isaacson's newest biography, centering on tech mogul Elon Musk, has captivated readers across the globe. Circana BookScan data reveals that "Elon Musk" sold an impressive 92,560 copies through September 16, instantly attaining bestseller status.

Isaacson, who is celebrated for his in-depth profiles of Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, and Benjamin Franklin, dedicated two years to an exhaustive study of Musk. He gained unprecedented access to internal meetings and factory floors, and conducted extensive interviews with those who know Musk intimately—family, friends, and even adversaries. Brought to the public by Simon & Schuster, Isaacson's diligent research presents an unprecedented look at this complex tech titan.

Reacting to the book’s early success, Musk himself weighed in via social media, quipping, “Cool, although it’s kinda weird seeing so many close-up pics of my face.” The biography has swiftly become Isaacson's second most successful first-week release, trailing only behind his biography of the late Steve Jobs, which recorded almost 383,000 sales in its debut week.

Isaacson’s latest work doesn't just shine in the marketplace; it has also caught the attention of critics. The book tops The New York Times' bestseller list for both print and e-books in the nonfiction category and is featured prominently on Amazon’s bestseller list, where it is priced at $20.99.

The narrative unfolds various lesser-explored layers of Musk's life. It sheds light on his complex romantic relationships and unravels details about his emotionally challenging upbringing, which was fraught with difficulties in socialising and understanding social norms. The biography discloses that a young Musk felt "lonely and sad," and turned to literature for social guidance.

A particularly gripping section in the book recounts a fiery dispute between Musk and billionaire Bill Gates, who Musk accuses of short-selling Tesla shares. This revelation has fueled fresh buzz in tech circles.

Isaacson's compelling narrative not only capitalises on public curiosity about one of today's most controversial tech figures but also solidifies his reputation as an unparalleled biographer. Full of compelling stories and insightful details about Musk's life, the book promises to remain a pivotal reading choice for years ahead.

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