IIT Madras Graduates Unveil 'Zodhya', A Pioneering Solution to Combat Energy Crisis

Zodhya, initiated by IIT Madras graduates, is reshaping the energy landscape with AI solutions, propelling a sustainable future

IIT Madras Graduates Unveil 'Zodhya', A Pioneering Solution to Combat Energy Crisis

Thursday September 07, 2023,

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In a world grappling with escalating energy costs and a climbing carbon footprint, innovative solutions are not just a necessity, but a lifeline to a sustainable future. Taking the helm in this critical venture is Zodhya, a brainchild of three insightful IIT Madras alumni who are set to revolutionise energy management and consumption patterns, particularly in the commercial sector.

A Vision Conceived in the Corridors of IIT Madras

The foundations of Zodhya were laid within the innovative and nurturing environment of IIT Madras. The trio of founders, aware of the burgeoning energy crisis, envisioned a company that could make tangible changes without aiming for a unicorn status in the market. Incubated at the vibrant tech hub T-Hub in Hyderabad since its inception in 2015, the team embarked on a journey to mould a future where energy efficiency and environmental conservation are not just buzzwords, but a reality.

Attuning to the Pulse of the Market

As young undergraduates bubbling with a plethora of ideas, the Zodhya team set out to understand the nuances of various market segments, engaging actively with industry stakeholders. They soon identified air conditioner energy consumption as a major issue plaguing the commercial sector, with subsequent research highlighting a distressing increase in electricity bills and carbon emissions over the past five years. A pressing concern emerged: the existing solutions in the market were either too complex or relied heavily on analytics, delaying tangible results and necessitating significant infrastructural changes.

Pioneering a Two-Pronged Solution

Undeterred, the Zodhya team harnessed their insights and expertise to develop an innovative two-part solution encompassing an "Energy Saver" device and "Real-Time Prediction" software. The Energy Saver, a marvel of compact AI-based technology, promises a significant reduction in power consumption from day one of installation, a process that barely takes 30 minutes. On the other hand, the Real-Time Prediction software serves as a tool to enhance electrical management by identifying inefficiencies and malfunctions, proving to be a boon for businesses operating across multiple locations.

Real World Impact: A Testament to Innovation

Zodhya's journey so far has been marked by noteworthy achievements. The company has proudly facilitated a substantial reduction in energy bills for clients like HQ10, a co-working space in Chennai. Moreover, another renowned retail chain witnessed a staggering 35% savings in energy expenses courtesy of Zodhya’s pioneering devices. Through their relentless efforts, Zodhya has successfully mitigated 45,000 kg of CO2 emissions, a feat equating to a saving of 50,000 electrical units. Their ambitious roadmap for the coming 18 months envisages a tenfold increase in emission reduction.

Fostering a Sustainable Tomorrow

Backed by the Rainmatter Foundation, an initiative spearheaded by Zerodha, Zodhya aspires to transcend existing boundaries. The team is resolute in their commitment to enhance energy efficiency and foster a low carbon economy. Their approach, grounded in the philosophy that small steps today can forge a massive impact tomorrow, promises to redefine the realm of energy consumption through technology-driven solutions. With an unwavering focus on improving their product portfolio and customer experience, Zodhya stands as a beacon of hope in a world thirsting for sustainable change.

By leveraging technology to weave a narrative of a brighter and greener future, Zodhya epitomises the spirit of innovation and environmental stewardship. Their journey, a testament to the power of youthful zeal paired with technology, echoes the sentiment that with perseverance and ingenuity, a sustainable tomorrow is within reach.

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