Aaquib Wani: The Self-Taught Designer Behind India's Iconic Cricket Jerseys

Aaquib Wani's design journey is a testament to passion and perseverance, paving his way from a self-taught artist to the creator of Team India's applauded jerseys.

Aaquib Wani: The Self-Taught Designer Behind India's Iconic Cricket Jerseys

Monday October 16, 2023,

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Aaquib Wani, a self-taught designer from Delhi, has etched his name into the annals of Indian sportswear design through his remarkable and culture-rich designs. His journey started from a place of struggle during his school days which led him to explore his creative side, initially through music and later transitioning to design. Over the years, his passion led him to establish his own design studio, Aaquib Wani Design, in 2018, embarking on a journey that saw his designs being embraced by sports teams and athletes alike​​.

His path into the realm of sportswear design gained substantial momentum when he was tasked with designing jerseys for the football club, Real Kashmir FC. This project not only provided a platform to showcase his design prowess but also marked the beginning of his illustrious sportswear design career. But this was just the tip of the iceberg. The real breakthrough came when he was entrusted with the responsibility of designing the new jerseys for the Indian cricket team by none other than the global sportswear giant, Adidas​​.

The process of designing the jerseys for the Indian cricket team was meticulous and involved a deep understanding of fabrics, colors, and patterns to ensure maximum comfort for the players. It was a collaborative effort that took over five months, evolving through several sample trials before receiving the final nod. The jersey design encapsulated the fierce spirit of India, symbolised by the tiger, and was adorned with traditional ikat patterns, blending contemporary aesthetics with cultural heritage. This design was not only about aesthetics but also about making a statement on the global stage, reflecting India's vibrant culture and indomitable spirit​.

The unveiling of the new jersey design was met with widespread appreciation from Indian fans, marking a significant milestone in Aaquib Wani's journey. His story is not merely about designing jerseys; it's about the seamless fusion of tradition, culture, and modernity in a fabric that resonates with millions of hearts every time the Indian team steps onto the field. Through his designs, Aaquib Wani has sewn together threads of passion, heritage, and excellence, crafting a narrative that extends beyond the cricket field, inspiring many to chase their dreams, no matter the odds.