Maximise productivity: Top 7 Chrome add-on extensions

Check out these top Chrome extensions that will boost your productivity, meet business goals and work efficiently.

Maximise productivity: Top 7 Chrome add-on extensions

Saturday November 04, 2023,

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Being productive is a top priority for entrepreneurs and startups but it can be tough to be consistent. However, there are various beneficial tools like Chrome extensions that can streamline workflow, build habits, schedule tasks and manage everything smoothly.

In today's article, we'll be sharing some of the best Chrome extensions to help you supercharge your productivity.

Best Google Chrome extensions to improve productivity


As the name suggests, this is a to-do list tool that helps entrepreneurs manage their tasks, organise and stay focused. This cloud-based service offers an extensive list of features such as cross-platform support, team collaboration, productivity reports, and functions offline as well.

Todoist is available for free but it lacks key features such as reminders, filters, theme customisation, uploading files, etc. However, with the free version of this extension, users can seamlessly work with up to 5 team members per project with a limit of 5 active projects.

The paid subscription to this tool is priced at $4 per month for individuals whereas for businesses it is $6 per member/per month.


Clockify is a free time-tracking platform available as an app, website and extension. This user-friendly time-tracker helps business professionals schedule their work to boost overall productivity. Entrepreneurs can streamline project management, integrate with multiple apps, generate work reports, etc.

Businesses can also use Clockify to monitor the hourly rates of their team. This Chrome extension offers paid plans as well that start from $3.99 per user per month and go up to $11.99 per user per month which is the enterprise version.



Although Google Chrome remembers passwords, it is not a safe way to store sensitive information as it lacks encryption features. This is where businesses can utilise extensions like Bitwarden that allow users to manage all passwords in one place and encrypt private data.

It is an open-source password manager and offers affordable premium plans. Although it may not be as user-friendly as competitors like LastPass. However, LastPass suffered a data breach in August 2022 which is why Bitwarden is a safer alternative.

Web Highlights

For entrepreneurs who like to read and annotate, Web Highlights is one of the best free productivity extensions. Without signing up, users can freely use this website and PDF highlighter. Users can also save bookmark pages, import highlights from Kindle, or export to workflow management apps like Notion. The basic version offers unlimited offline bookmarking and highlighting.

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Toggl is another useful and flexible time management tool that easily works across various platforms. This intuitive extension helps small and big businesses to organise team time track records and generate insightful reports. Toggl is quite beneficial for entrepreneurs who need to handle multiple project work simultaneously.

Their free version allows up to 5 users and the premium plan starts from $9 per user per month and $18 per user per month.

Win The Day

To make a day productive, you need to certain goals and deadlines and that is what this free Chrome extension helps you do. It helps entrepreneurs make the most of their day through settings like "focus mode". Whether you are trying to achieve short-term or long-term goals or even build a habit, this tool will assist you to monitor your progress and improve.


Being distracted is quite common since you can easily access apps or websites that may kill your time. Forest is a free Chrome extension that has an interesting method to keep distractions at bay. This tool helps users grow virtual trees that represent how productive they have been.

If users continue the task, the tree flourishes but if they get sidetracked then it dies and it has be grow from scath again. Plus, the blacklist feature restricts entrepreneurs from browsing websites beyond a time limit and boosts concentration.

Save to pocket

Business professionals and entrepreneurs often need to share items such as images, articles or videos but it can be tough to organise them. Save to Pocket is a Chrome extension that easily saves these URLs, blogs, and stories from this tool and access them whenever you want.

It also works offline and offers premium features like unlimited highlights, a permanent library, etc in its paid plans that are available at $4.99 per month.

Elevate your workday with these Chrome extensions and turn your productivity up a notch.