13 Free AI Courses: OpenAI & DeepLearning's Gift to Aspiring Developers

Step into the future with OpenAI and DeepLearning’s free courses. Tailored for both beginners and intermediates, these thirteen courses are your gateway to the enthralling world of AI. Your journey towards AI mastery just got more accessible and exciting.

13 Free AI Courses: OpenAI & DeepLearning's Gift to Aspiring Developers

Friday October 27, 2023,

2 min Read

As Artificial Intelligence (AI) advances, the need for accessible education grows. OpenAI and DeepLearning address this by offering thirteen free courses for beginners and intermediates. These courses are a valuable resource for aspiring AI developers, providing a stepping stone into the expansive world of AI at no cost.

Beginner Level Courses:

These courses are designed for individuals with a solid programming foundation, aiming to dive into AI development. They provide an ideal start to understand and implement Large Language Models (LLMs) in various applications.

ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers:

Understand how to extend the capabilities of chat interfaces using API access and build a customized chatbot.

Building Systems with the ChatGPT API:

Delve into breaking down complex tasks, automating workflows, and enhancing LLM outputs through practical examples.

LangChain for LLM Application Development:

Uncover the potential of LangChain framework in integrating LLMs into new environments.

LangChain: Chat with Your Data:

Develop a chatbot to interact with your private data and documents proficiently using LangChain.

Large Language Models with Semantic Search:

Utilize LLMs to augment search functionalities and summarize search results effectively.

Building Generative AI Applications with Gradio:

Learn to build and share machine learning applications swiftly on Hugging Face Spaces using Gradio.

Pair Programming with a Large Language Model:

Discover how to prompt an LLM to assist in code improvement, debugging, understanding, and documentation.

Understanding and Applying Text Embeddings:

Accelerate application development through the proficient use of text embeddings.

Unleashing Business Innovations with AI through Semantic Kernel:

Delve into Microsoft's open-source orchestrator, Semantic Kernel, for crafting business applications by harnessing the power of Large Language Models (LLMs).

Intermediate Level Courses:

After a firm grasp on the basics, these intermediate courses are the next step to delve deeper into the capabilities of LLMs and other AI tools.

Functions, Tools and Agents with LangChain:

Explore and apply the new capabilities of LLMs as a developer tool to build more advanced applications.

Finetuning Large Language Models:

Master the art of fine-tuning an LLM swiftly to cater to your unique data requirements.

Evaluating and Debugging Generative AI Models Using Weights and Biases:

Immerse into MLOps tools for effective management, versioning, and debugging in your machine learning workflow.

How Diffusion Models Work:

Build diffusion models from scratch to understand their functionality and applications in real-world scenarios.

These free courses by OpenAI and DeepLearning are an invaluable resource for anyone keen on navigating the AI landscape.