Kalpana Saroj: Slumgirl to India's Top Business Icon

From facing child marriage and hardships in slums, Kalpana Saroj rose to become a business icon with a net worth of $112 million

Kalpana Saroj: Slumgirl to India's Top Business Icon

Thursday October 12, 2023,

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When one thinks of a rags-to-riches tale, Kalpana Saroj's remarkable journey certainly fits the bill. From the dusty bylanes of a Mumbai slum to the shimmering lights of India's corporate world, Saroj's story is nothing short of inspiring.

Born in the rustic surroundings of Maharashtra, young Kalpana's dreams seemed far-fetched. Fate played a cruel hand early on, binding her in the chains of child marriage at the tender age of 12. With this event, her school books were replaced by household chores, and the horizons of her dreams suddenly narrowed.

In the chaotic hum of Mumbai's slums, where she found herself post-marriage, life wasn't kind. Within those narrow alleys, she suffered, facing both physical and emotional torment. Yet, like a ray of hope piercing through the dark clouds, her father intervened, giving her another shot at life.

Even when society pointed fingers and whispered behind her back, Kalpana stood tall. She was just 16 when she decided to be the anchor her family needed. With grit and determination, she set up KS Film Production, dabbling in Hindi, English, and Telugu cinema. It was her first taste of business, and she thrived.

But Kalpana's magnum opus in the business world was the resurrection of Kamani Tubes. A sinking ship when she found it, her leadership and astute business skills turned its tides. Today, under her watch, Kamani Tubes flourishes, raking in revenues north of Rs 100 crore.

With an estimated net worth hovering around USD 112 million, Kalpana isn't just a millionaire but a beacon of hope. She's a living testament to what sheer willpower can achieve. The little girl from Maharashtra, once bound by society's chains, today stands as one of India's leading entrepreneurs.

Kalpana Saroj's life story is not just about numbers and business accolades. It's about breaking barriers, defying odds, and rewriting one's destiny. In her journey, many see hope, inspiration, and the power of relentless perseverance.

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