Kalyan Jewellers: A Century-Long Journey of Trust

From a humble start in Thrissur to 140 showrooms worldwide, Kalyan Jewellers stands as a testament to trust, legacy, and exquisite craftsmanship

Kalyan Jewellers: A Century-Long Journey of Trust

Thursday October 12, 2023,

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In the sprawling lanes of Thrissur City, 1993 marked the year when a small jewellery showroom unfurled its vision to the world. That vision belonged to TS Kalyanaraman. Today, that modest beginning has transformed into a jewellery behemoth – Kalyan Jewellers.

Delving into the annals of history, the Kalyan name is deeply entrenched in the textile industry. The odyssey began in 1909 when Kalyanaraman Iyer, a devout priest, ventured into the entrepreneurial world, laying the foundation of the Kalyan Group with a textile mill. However, as fate would have it, the mill saw its end at the hands of the government, pushing the family in a new direction.

The winds of change blew in 1991 when the baton of the family's legacy was handed to the next generation. Partitioning the family trade, TK Seetharamaiyer divided the empire amongst his five sons. And in this moment of transition, TS Kalyanaraman, armed with an audacious dream, a loan of Rs. 50 lakhs, and family savings of Rs. 25 lakhs, sowed the seeds of Kalyan Jewellers.

What set Kalyan Jewellers apart? Its heartbeat was, and remains, customer satisfaction. The brand flourished across South India, soon boasting 32 exquisite showrooms. Customers flocked, captivated by the brand's transparent ethos, magnificent designs, and impeccable quality. For Kalyanaraman, success wasn't about numbers or expansion. It was about establishing trust. And he did just that.

"I've always believed that our customers envisioned and built Kalyan Jewellers. All I did was lend them trust," TS Kalyanaraman often remarks.

Now, as we glance over the horizon, the Kalyan legacy sparkles even brighter. With 140 showrooms shimmering across India and West Asia, a workforce of around 8,000 dedicated souls, and a market cap soaring to Rs 27,662.07 crore, Kalyan Jewellers isn't just a brand. It's an emblem of trust, craftsmanship, and ethical elegance.

In a world teeming with choices, Kalyan Jewellers stands tall, reminding us that trust is the most precious jewel. And in their story, India doesn't just see a brand; it sees a legacy of trust, meticulously crafted for over a century.

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