Manu Jain assumes role of India CEO at AI firm G42

Expressing enthusiasm about leading G42's expansion into India, Manu Jain said that he looks forward to new commercial ventures and partnerships to advance its AI-centric ecosystem.

Manu Jain assumes role of India CEO at AI firm G42

Monday October 09, 2023,

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Manu Jain has taken on the position of India Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at G42, an Abu Dhabi-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm. The development comes about eight months after his departure from the Xiaomi Group.

“We are thrilled to share that we will be soon expanding our operations into #India, as we continue our journey towards becoming a global leader in AI,” the technology company said in a LinkedIn post.

“Leading us into this new chapter of G42's growth story is Manu Kumar Jain, a name synonymous with transformative leadership and ground-breaking success in the consumer technology sector,” the global AI firm added.

Jain, formerly the Global Vice President at Xiaomi Group, during his extensive nine-year tenure, significantly contributed to the company's expansion in India. He witnessed and played a pivotal role in the company's journey from a one-person startup operating out of a modest office to becoming a significant player in the smartphone industry.

In a LinkedIn post, sharing his thoughts on his next professional move, Jain said, “I am delighted to announce that I am joining G42, a leading global AI company, to kickstart a new AI business in India! Together, we will innovate, disrupt, and drive forward the frontiers of artificial intelligence.”

He added, “#AI is transforming our lives and industries, and its potential is limitless. There is a great opportunity to harness this power and make a significant impact on India's tech landscape.”

In his role as the India CEO of G42, Jain will explore new commercial and partnership opportunities to further its Al-centric ecosystem.

Jain became a part of Xiaomi in 2014, where he took on diverse roles within the consumer electronics company. He was appointed as the Global Vice President in 2017. Before joining Xiaomi, he co-founded the fashion and lifestyle ecommerce portal, Jabong.

“After building the largest smartphone company and one of the biggest fashion ecommerce companies in India, I am embarking on a new and exciting adventure,” Jain remarked.

“Stay tuned for more updates, as we work towards shaping the future of AI in India,” he added.

Edited by Suman Singh