Spotify Developing AI-Powered Playlists with User Prompts Spotted

Spotify’s code reveals work on AI-Generated Playlists, promising a future of intuitive and personalized music streaming experience

Spotify Developing AI-Powered Playlists with User Prompts Spotted

Tuesday October 03, 2023,

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In a bid to continue enhancing its user experience, Spotify is reportedly in the development phase of introducing AI-generated playlists, a discovery made within the application’s code. This innovation follows the successful incorporation of AI-driven features such as the AI DJ and AI-translated podcasts.

The revelations surrounding Spotify’s latest endeavor were made public by Chris Messina, a seasoned tech expert and investor. Messina shared screenshots of Spotify’s application code, revealing terms like “AI playlists” and “playlists based on your prompts.” Based on these discoveries, it is speculated that users may soon have the capability to generate playlists using AI technology and specific prompts.

Messina hypothesised that the creation of AI-generated playlists might be integrated within Spotify’s Blend genre. The Blend feature amalgamates the musical preferences of different users, crafting a playlist that encapsulates a diverse taste pallet, appealing to all users involved.

Despite the compelling findings, Spotify has remained tight-lipped about their plans surrounding AI-generated playlists. When approached for comments, a company spokesperson maintained a non-disclosive stance, stating, “At Spotify, we constantly iterate and ideate to enhance our product and offer value to users.

However, we don’t comment on speculations regarding new features and have nothing to share at this time.”

This secretive approach by Spotify does not hinder the speculation that the groundwork for AI-generated playlists is already underway. The company had previously launched a feature dubbed 'Niche Mixes.' This feature enables users to create distinctive playlists based on descriptive prompts, ranging from genres, vibes, to aesthetic themes. Although not powered by AI, the Niche Mixes utilise Spotify’s advanced personalisation technology and algorithms.

Messina’s investigation into Spotify’s code suggests that the imminent AI playlists would also utilise prompts. However, these features have not yet been unveiled to the public, remaining within the confines of application code. There is also speculation that the AI playlist feature might be linked to the Blend genre, allowing collaborative AI playlist creation amongst users.

The discoveries by Messina indicate Spotify’s ongoing internal development and testing of AI-generated playlists. While it is not guaranteed that these features will be made available to the public, it is evident that Spotify is deeply exploring AI’s potential in music personalisation. The company has a dedicated team working tirelessly on AI and machine learning, endeavoring to understand and implement large language models, generative voice, and advanced personalisation techniques.

As the realm of AI in music personalisation expands, Spotify is undoubtedly at the forefront, pioneering a potentially new way for users to experience music. With AI-generated playlists on the horizon, the future of music streaming appears increasingly intuitive and user-centric.

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