CARS24 to Redefine Auto Industry: 100 Tech Experts on Board

CARS24 plans a tech overhaul by hiring 100 experts to innovate the used car sector, with a focus on a holistic car-ownership experience

CARS24 to Redefine Auto Industry: 100 Tech Experts on Board

Thursday October 26, 2023,

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In a strategic endeavor to redefine the dynamics of the pre-owned car industry, Cars24, the Indian auto market juggernaut, has announced plans to strengthen its technology arsenal. The firm's ambitious agenda involves hiring approximately 100 technology mavericks. These mavens will predominantly be engaged in roles spanning research and development (R&D), data science, engineering, and groundbreaking product design.

The pre-owned car behemoth's vision is to revolutionise the used car sector by crafting a holistic car-ownership ecosystem. By making this tech-centric move, CARS24 aims to fortify its commitment to superior customer experience and satisfaction. This initiative comes at a pivotal time when the company has successfully onboarded esteemed tech leaders who resonate with its future-forward vision.

CARS24's global footprint extends to numerous countries, and the company has consistently showcased its prowess in auto-tech innovation. The soon-to-be inducted tech specialists will be instrumental in catalysing product development and pioneering innovations. Their primary mandate will be to devise solutions that are not only state-of-the-art but also guarantee system robustness and adaptability.

The recruitment drive will be mainly concentrated in CARS24's operational hubs located in Gurugram and Bangalore. The overarching goal behind this substantial talent influx is to stay ahead of the curve and continually adapt to the ever-changing consumer needs and preferences.

Marut Singh, the Chief Technology Officer of CARS24, shared his enthusiasm about the upcoming recruitment wave, "This pivotal hiring initiative underscores our undying commitment to technological supremacy. Analogous to how the elite cars promise an unparalleled driving experience, our new tech brigade will be steering our transformative journey. Their pivotal role will revolve around sculpting an integrated product suite, devising foolproof solutions, and propelling path-breaking innovations. The horizon looks promising, and we're geared up to set trailblasing benchmarks for the industry."

It's worth noting that in its pursuit of excellence, CARS24 has recently welcomed Sami Alam and Shohit Shrivastava into its leadership cohort. Furthermore, a state-of-the-art R&D center has also been inaugurated in Bangalore, signaling the firm's unwavering focus on innovation.

With its ambitious tech-driven strategy, CARS24 is poised to redefine the used car market landscape and set new paradigms in customer experience.

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