This Brand Makes Money by Selling Water for Free: FreeWater's Model

Unveiling the secret behind FreeWater's free beverages: A unique advertising approach that benefits consumers and underprivileged communities.

This Brand Makes Money by Selling Water for Free: FreeWater's Model

Thursday November 23, 2023,

2 min Read

Austin-based startup FreeWater is Pioneering the concept of free water distribution while simultaneously generating revenue and aiding charitable causes. Their unique business model involves printing advertisements on aluminum bottles and paper cartons containing natural spring water. These advertisements are interactive, featuring QR codes that lead consumers to various benefits, such as coupons, videos, and other digital content.

The revenue generated from these advertisements allows FreeWater to provide the water at no cost to the consumer. Furthermore, the company embodies what it calls the "giving economy" by allocating 10 cents from each beverage sold towards building water wells in underprivileged communities. This innovative approach serves a dual purpose: offering free water and contributing to global water access and sustainability efforts.

FreeWater's strategy extends beyond its product to its digital presence, particularly on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where they've gained significant traction and interest from brands, investors, and consumers globally. This approach not only markets their product but also amplifies their charitable mission.

The company's founder, Josh Cliffords, emphasises the role of FreeWater in "putting a spin on capitalism" by distributing "negatively priced goods that are profitable." This model supports brands in reaching their target audiences, provides consumers with high-quality goods for free, and facilitates charitable donations without relying on taxpayer money.

Looking ahead, FreeWater plans to introduce free vending machines, further expanding their distribution model. These vending machines will offer a limited number of free drinks and snacks per person daily. Each vending machine location is projected to donate between $10,000 to $36,000 to charity annually, reinforcing the company's commitment to social responsibility and community support​​.