Jeff Bezos' Two-Pizza Rule: Maximise Team Productivity

Learn the secret behind Amazon's skyrocketing success—Jeff Bezos' Two Pizza Rule. Smaller teams mean bigger ideas and faster execution in today's agile business landscape.

Jeff Bezos' Two-Pizza Rule: Maximise Team Productivity

Tuesday November 07, 2023,

2 min Read

In the bustling world of business, Jeff Bezos, the mastermind behind Amazon, brought to the table a tasty twist on productivity: the "Two Pizza Rule." This rule says any team should be small enough that two pizzas would be enough to feed them all. It's not about the food, though—it's about keeping teams small to make them work better together.

How It Started

Bezos introduced this idea to stop meetings from being a waste of time. He believed that with too many people, meetings become less about making decisions and more about just talking. With smaller teams, everyone can have a say, and decisions can be made quickly.

Why It Makes Sense

Psychology supports Bezos' rule. Studies show that people in smaller groups tend to work harder than in larger ones. Smaller teams can also build trust and communicate better, which makes for a more productive environment.

The Upside of Small Teams

Teams that follow the Two Pizza Rule can move fast. They can make decisions and change direction without the slowdown you get with bigger groups. This is especially good for coming up with new ideas and getting them to work in the real world quickly.

Not Perfect for Everyone

But the rule isn't perfect. Some say that for really tough problems, you need a lot of different people to come up with the best solution. Others think that for big projects, you just need more hands on deck than a two-pizza team can offer.

Beyond Amazon

Still, the idea has caught on far beyond Amazon. From new startups to big tech companies, many are trying to make teams that are small enough to feed with two pizzas. They want these teams to take charge of their work and be able to act on their own.

The Big Picture

The Two Pizza Rule is really about cutting the fat—making sure meetings are only as big as they need to be, so everyone can take part and really make them worthwhile. In a world where meetings can sometimes slow down innovation, Bezos' rule reminds us to keep things simple and focused. Businesses everywhere are now looking at Amazon and thinking about how they can use this rule to make their teams more effective and creative.