The Power of Hybrid Multi-Cloud for Startups: Cost Savings and Beyond

At TechSparks Bengaluru, Prem Kumar, Systems Engineering Lead, Nutanix spoke about the value of hybrid multi-cloud solutions for startups, emphasising cost savings, operational efficiency, and the integration of AI-driven automation for enhanced security and performance

The Power of Hybrid Multi-Cloud for Startups: Cost Savings and Beyond

Tuesday November 07, 2023,

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In the ever-buzzing landscape of cloud computing, it's easy for the essentials to get lost in the midst of all the hustle bustle. Cloud computing is undoubtedly a vital asset for businesses, but it's essential to recognise that there's no one-size-fits-all solution. To shed light on the value of hybrid cloud for startups, at TechSparks 2023 in Bengaluru, Prem Kumar, Systems Engineering Lead, Nutanix, shared his expert insights.

Nutanix, though based in the United States, was founded by three individuals who hail from India. Their journey began 13 years ago, as they identified the transformational potential of cloud computing, just as AWS was emerging on the scene. AWS brought simplicity, cost flexibility, and operational ease, a concept Nutanix's founders found intriguing. Their mission was clear: bring these cloud-like functionalities to traditional businesses grappling with infrastructure-related challenges.

This initiative led to the creation of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), a concept that introduced cloud-like functionality to traditional customers. However, Nutanix didn't stop there. They recognised the enduring presence and growth of cloud services. Thus, they expanded their offerings to include a hybrid cloud platform that could run on any major cloud provider like Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure. This shift empowered organisations with a unified cloud platform rather than a rigid solution.

The need for hybrid multi-cloud

In today's complex landscape, startups aren't restricting themselves to a single public cloud. AWS, Azure, and Google’s GCP each offer unique capabilities, and many startups utilise a mix of these services. However, this multi-cloud approach can lead to inefficiencies, increased costs, and a lack of cohesion. Enter hybrid multi-cloud.

Kumar explains that creating silos within an organisation can lead to inefficiencies, and as companies grow, these issues become more pronounced. As startups expand, they often end up with infrastructure scattered across multiple clouds, creating disparate islands of technology that hinder cost-effective operations.

Realising cost savings

Cost is a crucial concern for most startups at any stage of their journey. What Nutanix offers is an opportunity for significant cost savings, up to 40%-50%, through their hybrid multi-cloud platform. This platform allows startups to streamline their operations, optimise their cloud spending, and achieve more with their limited resources.

Consider the example of a startup running a database on AWS's RDS (relational database service), which can be expensive. Nutanix's platform offers a solution to run the same database at a significantly reduced cost, with expert guidance and simplified migration paths. This cost reduction and the flexibility to move applications seamlessly between clouds contribute to a more efficient and cost-effective infrastructure.

The future of hybrid multi-cloud

The shift toward hybrid multi-cloud environments isn't merely a current trend, it's a strategy for the future. A survey conducted by Nutanix in collaboration with Gartner revealed that 80% of organisations already have a multi-cloud setup;79% of these organisations expressed the desire for a unified platform that could enhance efficiency, speed-to-market, and cost management.

This trend toward hybrid multi-cloud is expected to continue, as more startups and established businesses seek ways to unify their diverse cloud environments. Nutanix's platform not only brings these environments together but also simplifies the orchestration of workloads across clouds. This streamlines operations, maximises resource efficiency, and minimises spending on unnecessary cloud resources.

AI driven automation for enhanced performance and security

A significant advantage of Nutanix's platform is its incorporation of AI and ML technologies for security and cost governance. Startups can gain visibility into their security posture, with a focus on industry-specific compliance standards. Moreover, the platform aids in identifying and remediating security deviations, ensuring a robust security infrastructure.

Cost governance is equally crucial, as startups aim to curb their spending. The Nutanix platform can analyse the infrastructure and recommend cost-efficient changes. For example, it may suggest moving an application to a different environment to reduce costs while maintaining performance.

Furthermore, Nutanix has introduced innovative solutions, such as "ChatGPT in a Box," which allows organisations to deploy a ChatGPT engine in a compact form factor. This innovation empowers startups with AI-driven capabilities for a more interactive and intelligent user experience. As we move into the future, startups will continue to rely on hybrid multi-cloud environments as a cornerstone of their success.