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Organise like a pro: Transform your startup with these 5 apps

Running a small business can get hectic without proper administration. So, here are 5 organisation apps you can use to manage your startup!

Organise like a pro: Transform your startup with these 5 apps

Wednesday November 22, 2023 , 3 min Read

An organised business is a sign that your startup is doing well but in reality, as an entrepreneur, staying on top of all things is a humongous task. Not having a flow or structure in work can lead to inefficiencies and errors that are too much to handle.

Hence, it is best for companies to use the power of tech tools to clear organisational messes. In this article, we have listed 5 business organisation apps for you!

Top 5 business organisation apps


Every business has their own needs. This is why having a customised app that fulfils specific demands is quite beneficial for companies to streamline their work. Airtable is a no-code platform that helps firms build their own application from scratch.

This cloud-based platform mainly assists in creating user-friendly tables for record keeping. Whether it is to organise data or marketing schedules, Airtable helps to de-clutter tons of sheets and manage databases.

Right now, the app offers a free version with limited features and their paid subscriptions start from $20

per seat/month.

No Code App Builder


Communication should be simple for startups to get work done efficiently. Slack is one of the most well-known team management apps for employees to communicate. Businesses can make specific channels for a department, event, project, etc and add staff.

Slack helps to cut down the endless back-and-forth emailing and following up. The best part is that this platform has a free version and custom pricing options. This app is available on iOS and Android.

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Being an internet user means you need to join various platforms which also means you need to access your passwords frequently. To make things less hectic, companies can use a password management app like Bitwarden.

This app is an open-source manager that helps users store sensitive passwords or data in an end-to-end encrypted vault. Bitwarden is available on various browser extensions and is downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

It offers a free plan and the premium subscriptions start from $20 per month for 10 users.


Hiring can be a messy process for a startup without administration. Hireology is a useful app that takes care of the recruitment process. This platform helps companies create job ads, attract talent, and hire employees at a fast rate.

Firms can then share the job ads across several channels access their resumes and manage them. The app also allows you to interact with potential candidates in real-time or schedule messages. Currently, the Hireology app is available on both iOS and Android and its pricing starts from $249 per month.


Business planning is an integral step. LivePlan helps startups create step-by-step business plans for their company. Whether the business plan is about financial projection, funding, etc, this app helps startups to make an efficient framework of events.

There is a library of 550+ sample business plans to help companies make an ideal one. LivePlan has two monthly subscriptions standard and premium that start from $20 per month and $40 per month respectively.

The bottom line

To achieve goals timely, startups need to organise their work. Using these apps can help businesses de-clutter big chunks of sheets or data and use them efficiently to meet objectives and boost productivity.