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From Indore to the world: How Annova Solutions is redefining Business Process Management

From Indore's heartland to the global tech stage, Annova Solutions' innovative approach has revolutionised the way businesses manage their processes, enabling them to reach new heights of success.

From Indore to the world: How Annova Solutions is redefining Business Process Management

Monday December 18, 2023,

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Today, when India solidifies its status as a technology hub, it is perceived that Tier 1 cities are the primary driving forces; however, the growing prominence of Tier 2 cities cannot be overlooked. A great example of this is the story of two visionary founders who transformed their hometown of Indore into a global tech powerhouse through their vision and determination.

Vikas Dubey and Amit Jain, the minds behind Annova Solutions, left their coveted jobs and embarked on a journey to bring their dream to life. Today, Annova Solutions is widely regarded as a successful player in the BPM 4.0 industry. They have managed US Healthcare Services, AI & Machine Learning Operations, and Digital BPO operations from India, while serving ambitious global markets such as the US, Europe, and Australia.

A vision for the future

Established in 2017, Annova Solutions set out on a mission to not only thrive in the era of AI but also be a catalyst for tech-led change. Beyond AI, the founders recognised the rapidly shifting landscape of talent dynamics and democratisation. Their faith in the potential of India's Tier II cities, particularly Indore, was unwavering, even though major tech giants had yet to acknowledge it.

Highlighting the company's forward-thinking approach, Vikas Dubey, Founder & CEO of Annova Solutions, stated "We believe that the future of BPM will be driven by four core pillars: data and digital, deep domain centricity, talent innovation, and security as well as compliance."

Unyielding in their commitment, Vikas and Amit took a courageous leap of faith, not just for business but to uplift their hometown. Today, Annova Solutions is a testament to their determination and dedication, demonstrating that dreams can indeed become reality.

Empowering beyond Indore

Annova's vision extends far beyond the bustling city of Indore. The company has taken strides into the rural heartland of Madhya Pradesh, conducting workshops in places like Ratlam and Mandsaur. Its mission is to reach out to colleges and rural communities, creating awareness about careers in medical coding and machine learning, and ensuring that individuals are not just job-ready but also employed.

BPM 4.0 - Revolutionising businesses with Global Impact

Annova Solutions represents the avant-garde of Business Process Management (BPM) 4.0. Its expertise spans across three pivotal sectors - US Healthcare, ML Ops Services, and Digital BPO, and has grown from just three employees in 2017 to over 1,000 people strong organization with offices in Indore and Chennai & US. The company's secret to success lies in its unique blend of extensive domain expertise, a sharp business focus, unwavering operational discipline, and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology.

It has achieved consistent growth, maintaining an impressive 100% year-on-year growth rate for four consecutive years. Their global clientele boasts a diverse range of companies that includes some Fortune 500 companies and some notable giants among them are a US healthcare analytics firm, a leading record retrieval company, a product company specialising in computer vision sports analytics, and an Australian-based business loans platform.

Talent Innovation, Security and Compliance - the fundamental at Annova

Vikas highlighted that talent innovation is at the core of the company’s operations, with the leadership team comprising individuals with extensive experience in leading large-scale projects for Fortune 100 companies globally.

The DNA of Annova is centred around delivering the highest standard of Accuracy with Human-in-the-Loop approach, assurance of data security at all levels and being compliance driven. The company is SOC Type 2 certified firm with a strong and sharp team of HIPAA-compliant HCC coders, which is officially certified to manage medical data safely and in compliance with the highest standards of privacy and security. This is the gold standard when it comes to the protection of healthcare information.

"With an aim to foster an entrepreneurial mindset within the organization our employees are encouraged to make their own business decisions. They have the freedom to think and execute, across departments," said Amit Jain, Co-Founder & CTO.

Navigating the next wave in BPM

As a technology-driven strategic collaborator, Annova Solutions integrates the "human touch" within the realm of BPM 4.0, positioning themselves as leaders in the field. It merges the depth of human insight with technological advancements to guarantee enhanced results for its clientele. Underlined by its dedication to excellence, Annova's guiding principle states: "Our goal is clear - surpass client expectations, always."

Annova Solutions' journey serves as an inspiring testament to the force of vision and steadfast commitment. In a tech-driven world, Annova takes the lead in safeguarding the essence of human expertise at the core of every solution.

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