School Student's Art Startup Hits Rs.10Lakhs, Funded by Paytm & Urban Company

The inspiring tale of Divine Creations, a startup by teen girls from Delhi, showcases their journey from small traditional paintings to a lucrative business with significant investor support

School Student's Art Startup Hits Rs.10Lakhs, Funded by Paytm & Urban Company

Friday December 15, 2023,

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Divyanshi Chitransh, a student from a Delhi government school, has marked her presence in the entrepreneurial world with her startup, "Divine Creations." Alongside her partner Minnie, Divyanshi embarked on this journey in 2021, leveraging a seed funding of 2000 INR from the Delhi Government's Business Blasters initiative, led by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia. This modest investment laid the foundation for a business that remarkably generated an impressive Rs 10 lakh

The core of Divine Creations revolves around traditional Indian paintings. Minnie specializes in the art of Madhubani using her hands, while Divyanshi employs her brushes for Kalamkari Art. They started by selling small paintings and expanded to larger works as customer demand grew. This approach not only showcased their artistic talents but also demonstrated their strategic thinking in business expansion​​.

Divyanshi's role in the company extends beyond her artistic contributions. She is responsible for managing accounts and customer relations, highlighting her multifaceted skills in both the creative and business aspects of the startup​​.

Their vision for Divine Creations is not just about promoting Indian art but also about creating opportunities for others. They expressed a desire to include more people in their venture, particularly aiming to hire women who are interested in working with them on a payment basis​​.

In terms of their business model, the cost of creating a piece of Madhubani art is around 350 INR, which they sell for 1500 INR. This pricing strategy demonstrates their understanding of the value of their art and the hard work involved in its creation​​.

The success of Divine Creations attracted notable investors. Sairee Chahal, CEO and Founder of Mahila Money and Sheroes, and Abhiraj Singh Bhal, CEO and Co-Founder of Urban Company (previously known as Urban Clap), were impressed by their business plan. Chahal alone funded them with 50,000 INR, additionally offering to list their products on her platform, ShopONshereos. Bhal contributed by sponsoring their registration expenses and ordering 500 paintings worth 75,000 INR​​.

Divyanshi Chitransh's journey with Divine Creations exemplifies the potential of young entrepreneurs in India. Her story is a beacon of inspiration, showcasing how creativity, coupled with strategic business acumen, can lead to substantial success, even starting from a small seed fund.

"Image source: careers360"