Crack the LinkedIn code: 5 must-have AI tools for networking

Accelerate your networking as an entrepreneur with these 5 AI tools that will boost your visibility!

Crack the LinkedIn code: 5 must-have AI tools for networking

Monday December 18, 2023,

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"Your network is your net worth." -- Porter Gale

Networking is not just about meeting new people but to learn and grow from each interaction. Connecting with industry leaders, experts, advisors and experienced professionals can positively impact an entrepreneur’s journey to success. 

To prepare for the rocky sail ahead, it’s crucial to know what kind of path you are dealing with and also become a better entrepreneur. LinkedIn as we all know is the best starter networking platform for business professionals. So in this article, we’ll go through 5 AI tools to help you network on LinkedIn. 

Why entrepreneurs should network on LinkedIn

"Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come." -- Diane Helbig

As rightly said by business advisor and author Helbig, networking is a fruitful investment for entrepreneurs, founders and leaders to expand their knowledge and startups. By interacting with people from different domains and industries entrepreneurs can sharpen their skills, meet potential investors and build their personal brand. 

Top 5 AI tools for LinkedIn networking



Networking requires you to understand a person before you approach them. However, this can be not easy to achieve when you don’t have much information about that person. Crystal is an AI tool that uses predictive analysis to determine a person’s personality type. 

This platform also provides insights into how you can message them for effective communication on channels like LinkedIn. Crystal offers a free version with basic features. Its individual paid plan starts from $49 per month. 


Consistent marketing efforts are required for entrepreneurs to reach a bigger audience on LinkedIn. In the era of AI, growing your network can be automated with tools like Taplio. This platform leverages machine learning to help business professionals gain followers more visibility and opportunities to connect. 

Taplio is available in 3 premium plans that start from $39 per month. They also offer a one-week free trial. 

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Dux-Soup is another useful AI tool that can help boost your LinkedIn presence. Although it is primarily a sales navigator platform for lead generation, it can be leveraged to enhance engagement. By doing so, your visibility on LinkedIn will increase with AI-powered campaigns. 

Currently, Dux-Soup is offering a 14-day free trial. Regarding paid plans, it starts from $11.25 per month. 

This generative AI tool mainly drives sales from platforms like LinkedIn. This platform helps startups generate sales. When it comes to its features, it enables users to gain insights from their LinkedIn contacts and interactions. 

However, they have not listed the pricing of their tool hence, you need to contact them to learn about their premium plans. 


Phantombuster is a no-code platform and AI tool that helps startups get high-quality leads from various sources such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, etc. Entrepreneurs can utilise this tool to engage with prospects and expand their network on LinkedIn.

This AI tool can be used for free for a 14-day trial and their premium plan starts at $56 per month.