Earning respect: 7 powerful behaviours for winning hearts

Wish to be respected by people around you in your personal and professional life? If so, this list of 7 behaviours that make people respect you more that might help.

Earning respect: 7 powerful behaviours for winning hearts

Wednesday January 03, 2024,

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Respect is a fundamental aspect of healthy relationships. We all wish to be respected in our personal as well as professional lives. According to the Human Resources Employee Engagement Statistics, 63% of those who do not feel treated with respect intend to leave their present job. Additionally, a study by Gallup found that employees who strongly agree that they are treated with respect at work are 55% more likely to experience well-being in their lives. 

Hence, respect is no doubt a valuable asset that can lead to more fulfilling connections and increased success. In this article, we will explore 7 behaviours that will help you garner respect from others and build strong, positive relationships.

Work on your appearance

Sorry to say but your looks do matter. No matter how much we ignore this or feel it’s unfair, it is the truth. Be it in a professional or private setting, the first thing that we notice in a person is their appearance. Though, indeed, we can’t change how we look, we can always improve our appearance and work towards being the best version of ourselves.

Remember, your personality will always be the second thing you are getting judged on. Hence, denying this truth will only make the situation worse for you. So, start working on your appearance.

Be Authentic

There is a saying that you can’t hide your true nature for long. According to psychologists, most people will reveal their true characters within about 6 months, and sometimes much more quickly, if you're paying attention. The more the discrepancy, the lesser the respect. 

Remember, authenticity is the foundation of earning respect. It means being true to yourself and embracing your values, beliefs, and personality without pretending to be someone you're not. Sincerity and genuineness are always appreciated by people and foster trust and respect.

Learn to listen actively

People love being heard. Active listening is one of the most powerful ways to show respect. By giving your full attention when others are speaking, as well as responding thoughtfully, and matching the energy, you show that you value and respect their time and their input. When people feel that you respect them, they often tend to reciprocate your actions. 

Nurture open-mindedness

In an environment where diverse opinions and perspectives are welcomed, respect follows automatically. You can nurture open-mindedness by being receptive to new ideas, considering different viewpoints, and avoiding judgment. This will not only enrich your understanding and enhance your ability to connect with others, but also give you the respect you wish.

Take accountability for your actions

Taking responsibility for your actions demonstrates integrity and reliability. By being accountable for not only your successes but mistakes as well, you show that you are not afraid to own your actions and strive to make amends when necessary. This will earn you the trust and respect of those around you.

Develop humility

One of the most attractive traits to possess is humility. It involves recognising and appreciating the contributions of others. Disregarding the ideas of others and acting like you have all the answers make you appear arrogant, and nobody respects an arrogant person.  

Therefore, you must consider other people’s ideas, regardless of their position. Instead of completely dismissing an idea, learn to point out the scope of improvement respectfully. This will create an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration.

Set clear boundaries

If you don’t respect yourself, nobody will. Therefore, respecting yourself is equally important in gaining the respect of others. By establishing clear boundaries for your time, energy, and personal space and respectfully saying no to things that don’t align with your vision, you show that you value yourself. 

Always communicate these boundaries assertively and consistently to prioritise your well-being. When others will see that you respect yourself, they will be more likely to respect you in return.


Getting respect is not a destination but a lifelong journey that involves a combination of self-awareness and intentional actions. Hence, by incorporating behaviours such as authenticity, active listening, and accountability into your daily interactions you can create an environment of mutual respect and understanding. 

Always remember that respect is a two-way street. You can never expect respect in return for disrespect. Hence, constant effort and self-awareness are the key. By embodying these behaviors you can contribute to the development of strong and positive relationships that benefit both you and those around you.

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